AURAK Freshman Get Down

October 3, 2018,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) Student Government Association (SGA) held a party for the freshman class to introduce the students to their administrative faculty and each other.

The AURAK Student Government Association President, Mr. Babakura Muhammad, welcomed the freshman and introduced them to AURAK’s Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success, Professor Stephen Wilhite, the Associate Provost for Academic Student Affiars, Dr. Denise Gifford, the Dean of the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management, Dr. Lee Waller, the Dean of the Office of Academic Support Services, Professor Steven Zani, and the Manager of the Department of Counseling, Testing, and Disability Services, Dr. Sharon Waller.

The freshman spent the evening socializing, eating pizza, singing, dancing, and playing “ice breaker” activities such as “Matchmaking” and “Move If,” giving them a chance to mingle with each other and getting to know their administrative staff, not only a professional level, but also a personal level.

Charged with the electrifying energy that consumed the atmosphere of the party, Dr. Lee was simply elated with the overwhelming success of the event, “The Student Government Association welcomed the Fall 2018 freshman class into the AURAK family with a time of celebration, games, and music. The festivities provided the incoming class the opportunity to meet new friends and to get to know their classmates. This was about students of all levels joining hands with our new incoming students to celebrate AURAK’s achievements and express a shared pride in becoming part of the university family.”

AURAK President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, was highly pleased with the event as well, “AURAK is not just a group of buildings where academic instruction is dispersed; we are a family caring for one another on a personal level.  These activities are essential in forging and fostering AURAK family relationships among students and faculty that will last a lifetime.”