AURAK SGA Celebrates Their Professors

October 9, 2018,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) Student Government Association (SGA) honored the hard working AURAK faculty by organizing a presentation for World Teacher’s Day.

The SGA, led by president, Mr. Babkura Muhammad, Vice President, Amrutha Sreenivas, and Secretary, Sofia Rahman, commenced the program with a humorous welcome speech expressing their heart-felt appreciation.  Then the professors were challenged to a teacher themed Kahoot quiz, igniting their competitive natures. The Dean of the Office of Student Support Services, Professor Steven Zani, dominated by answering all of the questions correctly, scoring 13,277 points, and placing first. Dr. Hurrem Yilmaz of the Marketing Department came in close a second place with Dr. Bong-Sik Kim of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department placing third. Following the quiz, the professors were uplifted with an enchanting  serenade of “Stand by Me” performed by the Music Club President, Ms. Wiktoria Aleksandra Szydlak, with Ms. Nausheen Shafiq  of the Language and Literature Department supplying supporting vocals.  The program concluded with cheery fellowship over refreshments and each professor receiving a long-stem rose as a token of the students’ gratitude.

Professor Joseph Wallis, Dean of the School of Business, was impressed with the close-knit climate the event produced, “This was a wonderful event that struck me as a new dean as being reflective of the family-type culture established between students and faculty at AURAK.”

“It is a tremendous power, that of the teacher,” AURAK President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, commented. “They are the supply source needed to create the optimal learning environment, and it is through their actions that a student can either surge in their full potential or burn out. This student testament illustrates that the faculty employed at AURAK are fostering the learning conditions needed to galvanize students by cultivating the teacher-student relationships needed for the AURAK family environment.”