University of Texas-Arlington Delegation Visits AURAK

October 9, 2019,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) hosted a visit by a University of Texas-Arlington (UTA) delegation on October 9 to discuss potential future cooperation.

Prof. Pranesh B. Aswath, Vice Provost, Dr. Curtis Andressen, Vice Provost, International Affairs, and Dr. Bahram Khalili, Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, made up the group from UTA.

The initial cooperation agreement between UTA and AURAK began in 2013 with the establishment of the Bachelor of Science Transfer Articulation in Civil and Mechanical Degree, better known as the ABD Plan or the dual degree. It enabled students enrolled in either institution to get an additional Bachelor of Science. Details of this agreement were updated in 2014.

The UTA team visited AURAK again in May 2019 to refresh and enhance the collaboration.

The visit began with a meeting with AURAK’s Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success and Provost, Professor Stephen Wilhite, the Associate Provost, Dr. Denise Gifford, the Associate Provost – Office of Research and Community Service, Dr. Ali Maalaoui, Interim Dean of the School of Engineering, Dr. Hamed Assaf, and Department Chair of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, Dr. Mohammed Awad.

Professor Wilhite described AURAK’s interest in developing new programs and concentrations.

After that, the group met with faculty from the Computer Science and Engineering Department. The delegation also met with a group of 11 junior students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and introduced to them the graduate programs at UTA.

The UTA delegation met with AURAK’s President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, who is planning to travel to UTA in December with some of the upper administration.