Entrepreneurship Talk

September 18, 2022,

Well-known social entrepreneur and co-founder of Impact Junkie Philip Harding visited the AURAK campus recently. Facilitated by the US Consulate in the UAE, the former Pentagon and White House advisor on innovation provided AURAK’s entrepreneurship students with valuable tips in identifying and solving problems through creative thinking and innovation.

Mr. Harding, a Harvard alumnus, was impressed by the entrepreneurial potential of AURAK’s students, especially with their problem-solving skills.

Mr. Harding met with student start-up founders at AURAK’s Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) during his visit. ACE is a ground-breaking entrepreneurial hub in the Northern Emirates that sets a new standard for creating student-centered entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Mr. Harding and the team from the US Consulate commended the achievements of the AURAK Centre for Entrepreneurship. They expressed their interest in further collaboration with the Centre in the future.

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