AURAK Receives Software Donation

September 24,2018,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) received tNavigator® Reservoir Simulation software as a donation from Rock Flow Dynamics, Inc. (RFD) to augment the Engineering curriculum.

RFD develops software for the petroleum industry. tNavigator® is a dynamic reservoir simulator and is the premier line of software developed by the company. The tNavigator® is the industry first parallel finite difference reservoir simulator used by reservoir engineers around the globe to understand and predict the flow of oil, gas, and injected water in the subterranean porous reservoir rock. The software package includes black oil, compositional, and thermal process simulation.

The software has capabilities far exceeding any industry standard dynamic simulation tool through rapid speed, unlimited parallel scalability, and a synchronized graphical user interface. The donation included twenty academic single-user licenses for the new generation reservoir simulation software, tNavigator®, which is valued at about ten million dollars and will enable petroleum engineering students and researchers of the university to access the new generation oil and gas field reservoir simulation technology.  Through collaboration with RFD, AURAK will provide its students with state of the art dynamic reservoir simulation experience that will reinforce an already strong curriculum to produce a more robust workforce in the oil and gas industry of the UAE.

AURAK Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success, Professor Stephen Wilhite, is “grateful to Rock Flow Dynamics for the contribution of this reservoir simulation software.  This software is a welcome instructional tool for the School of Engineering’s program in Petroleum Engineering.”

AURAK President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, was overjoyed with the student advantages and opportunities this update in the Engineering curriculum will develop in the future, “We are always vigilant for ways in which to bolster our students’ curriculum.  This gracious donation from Rock Flow Dynamics, Inc. will enable us to train our students with cutting-edge technology, giving them dominance in the job market competition.”