AURAK Organizes COVID-19 Workshop for Faculty, Staff and Students

May 22, 2020,

The Centre for Executive & Professional Education (CEPE) at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) in partnership with King’s Centre for Professional Development organized a free workshop on COVID-19 for the University’s staff, faculty and students.                           

Dr. Farry Jeffry ran the workshop. He has extensive experience in teaching healthcare leadership, healthcare quality, and risk management to postgraduates. He has also led many hospital accreditation projects. He has most recently been working as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at King’s Centre for Professional Development. The Centre is affiliated with SBS Swiss Business School.

The COVID-19 workshop covered the explosive growth of published information, the global distribution of COVID-19, the anatomy and genetics of COVID-19, the mode of transmission, the issue of which masks are appropriate, how to protect ourselves, the difference between droplet and airborne infections, why new pathogens are emerging, and environmental changes.


The King’s Centre for Professional Development offers academic programmes to participants. The Centre has a team of highly qualified professionals with experience in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching as well as work experience in healthcare, engineering, and administration. The team is committed to achieving excellence in its teaching and training obligations.


AURAK’s CEPE serves the community through providing quality training services, testing delivery services, consultancy, and community outreach events. The CEPE also contributes to strengthening the relationship between AURAK and the communities it serves. The CEPE’s activities help to advance the mission of AURAK through continually improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the residents of the Gulf region and beyond.