Prof. Tariq Shehab Faculty Colloquium

October 11, 2016, 

The School of Graduate Studies and Research continued its series of faculty colloquia for the 2016-17 academic year this month, this week featuring Prof. Tariq Shehab from the School of Engineering.

Prof. Shehab, a professor of civil and infrastructure engineering at AURAK, presented his research on an ‘Automated System for Inspection and Repair of Sewer Pipes’. The “aging of underground sewer pipes has been reported by many researchers and municipality officials across the world. This aging process has not only led to unsatisfactory performance of this class of pipes, but has also negatively impacted other infrastructure assets, such as highways.”

Prof. Shehab’s research explained an integrated system that detects and classifies defects in sewer pipes automatically as a solution to this problem.