Architectural Department Jury – Fall 2016

December 19, 2016,

The department of Architecture organized its Fall 2016 Jury, where students pin their work up on the wall, and then try to explain what their project is trying to accomplish. The people who are listening to the presentation are composed of other Architecture students, external examiners; professional as well as academic architects, department professors, and outside guests. Our students demonstrated the best performances on projects, the true intellectual    passion, curiosity, initiative, and exploration, strong ideas to fruition with a high level of craft and strong affinity for design culture.

Our Bachelor of Architecture program with its third joining cohort offers the chance to work on real-time projects, and sets you firmly on the path to becoming an architect. The classes at the Architecture department are taught by a good balance of seasoned professors, new instructors, and practicing professionals. Our Architecture faculty are very engaged with the students and interested in helping them achieve their goals. There is ongoing attempt to fuse traditional studio-style education with emerging digital practices and issues of sustainability. There will be a study abroad options for our students, the Department of Architecture is also very willing to explore and listen to student’s interest in newer areas, which really defined a different experience of an architecture department. The new curriculum, with its re-thinking of the relationship between architectural pedagogy and professional practice, is something we are quite proud of at AURAK.