AURAK Hosts Annual Engineering Camp

March 4, 2017,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) has hosted its annual ‘Engineering Camp’ giving high school students the opportunity to learn more about the School of Engineering and its facilities.

High-school students from across the country attended the day-long program which featured a wide range of activities and educational workshops. Visitors were given the opportunity to explore the engineering labs and architecture studios, using the latest equipment and interacting with the school’s professors and instructors.

After a lunch break, students were then invited to the upper floors of Building G to the Computer Science and Engineering Department, where they attended interactive workshops in which they programmed robots to follow a particular path, and developed their own phone applications.

The visiting students were also given a tour of the university’s other buildings, taking time to view the library, admissions department and sports complex.

Associate dean of the School of Engineering, Dr. Sahar Idwan, thanked all of the attendees for their participation and noted that he hopes they’ll be back in September as full-time students enrolled in one of AURAK’s ten engineering programs.