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Since its inception, the Center for Executive & Professional Education​ (CEPE) has stood at the forefront of continuous positive change in the professional and educational landscape. The CEPE was envisioned to prepare individuals who will serve as successful leaders and professionals in their respective fields. We are proud to state that our commitment, international vision, and pioneering efforts in the region have translated seamlessly into quality training services of the highest standard. Our endeavors are fulfilling the needs of the corporations as well as government organizations.


The mission the CEPE is to enhance professional and technical skills of the learners to meet their lifelong professional and educational needs with the job market’s requisites. Therefore, the CEPE has been working to provide a variety of standard and customized training programs with internationally accredited qualifications and certificates that ensure qualified human capital development.

Quality Policy

The CEPE shall serve the community through providing quality training services, testing delivery services, consultancy, and community outreach events. The CEPE shall also contribute in strengthening the relationship between AURAK and the communities it serves. The activities of the CEPE shall help to advance the mission of AURAK through continually improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the residents of the Gulf region and beyond.

To ensure quality service is consistently provided, all CEPE team members are themselves equipped with the management knowledge, skills and the attitude to provide quality service, regardless of the clients they serve. Additionally, CEPE team members shall express and demonstrated their commitment to contribute to the accomplishment of AURAK’s mission through detailed planning, assessment and the use of results for improvement. The system of planning and assessment being implemented by the CEPE is part of the automated institutionalized operational planning system of the University, which is able to archive documents and generate reports, all of which are aligned with the quality management systems requirements as stipulated in International Standards ISO 9001. All CEPE team members shall be actively involved in continually improving the effectiveness of the CEPE’s quality management system as its quality objectives.

Quality Certification

The Center for Center for Executive & Professional Education (CEPE) strives to be a pioneer in delivering the best quality services in the country, as well as the region. Our goal is to go above and beyond the experience that each individual and client would expect.

Through our vision, the CEPE has recently succeeded in earning the certification in ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, which is considered to be the first step in a continuous cycle of improvement.

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