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Arabic for Non-Native Speakers

The general Arabic courses are designed for students with limited knowledge in Arabic, to develop the necessary language skills in order to communicating with the local community in the United Arab Emirates.

Course is for a duration of 24 hours.

There are five levels:

Beginner I. Students who wish to begin their study of Arabic. Intended for students with no prior knowledge or experience of the Arabic language, either spoken or written.

Beginner II. Designed to enhance reading and speaking skills, and some grammar knowledge. Helps students to improve their vocabulary.

Intermediate I. An introduction to the basic sources of the language. This program is designed to teach Arabic and provide insights into the literature, culture, history, and politics of this part of the world.

Intermediate II. This course fosters the ability to engage in simple Arabic conversation on a range of everyday subjects. Builds upon the basic foundation. Proper pronunciation and listening skills continue to be emphasized. In addition further exposure to the culture, the course develops the understanding of the structure and the pattern of words and sentences.

Advanced I. This course presents a survey of major concepts in Arabic language and culture, and develops students’ knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic: both colloquial spoken language and the written script.

Advanced II. At this level, students will have reached an advanced stage in learning the basic skills of language.  At this level syntactic, morphological, and spelling rules are improved. Students study the passive participle, adjectives, conjunctions, and many other aspects of Arabic grammar.

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