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General English Program

The English language courses are designed to develop all aspects of your language skills.  Student assessment is continuous throughout the course, in addition to consulting, advising and grading, which provide a more complete evaluation of the learning process.

There are five levels: beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced.  Each level consists of three parts.

Course is for a duration of 24 hours.

Course Content


  • Read for main points and specific information.
  • Answer comprehension questions on a text.
  • Make inferences from written texts.
  • Identify different text types (narratives, news reports, informational text etc.).
  • Use text types as models for different types of writing.


  • Write emails, descriptions and narratives.
  • Write for work purposes.
  • Give opinions in writing.
  • Write in paragraphs.
  • Use several types of linking words in writing.


  • Listen for main idea and specific information.
  • Use listening as a basis for discussion and extension.
  • Listen in order to match or to complete sentences.
  • Answer questions based on listening texts.
  • Listen and reconstruct a story.



  • Talk about a variety of familiar topics.
  • Describe people and places in detail.
  • Give advice and make suggestions.
  • Give opinions and suggest solutions to problems.
  • Make arrangements over the phone.
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