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Strategic Marketing Plan

Course Objectives:

  • Apply a logical step-by-step process to produce a sound marketing plan.
  • Devise a marketing plan that builds on marketing audit findings.
  • Use marketing audit findings to identify effective strategies and tactics.
  • Develop the components of the strategic marketing plan.
  • Identify and implement the different marketing warfare strategies (offensive, defensive and flanking).

Course Content:

  • The Marketing Concept
  • The Marketing Planning Process
  • The Business Situation Analysis
  • Planning Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Strategy Development
  • Tactical Planning Applications
  • Putting It All Together
Strategic Marketing

Course Objectives:

  1. Provide concise, comprehensive coverage of marketing strategies and techniques
  2. Grasp and practice the essential skills in the areas of:
    1. Strategic planning
    2. Product development
    3. Pricing strategies
    4. Promotional strategies
  3. To give non marketing personnel exposure to best practice when developing strategies to launch and promote products and services
  4. To ensure that attendees are abreast of the latest thinking in marketing

Course Content:

  1. Strategic Marketing Planning
    1. Marketing defined
    2. Role of Marketing in the Organization
    3. Vision and Mission from a marketing perspective
    4. Alignment with the company’s aims and objectives
    5. The marketing process
    6. The 7 Ps of Marketing
    7. Strategies vs. Tactics
  2. Developing a Customer-Led Approach to Marketing
    1. Market research and gathering market intelligence
    2. Getting inside the mind of the buyer
    3. Developing a USP which matters to the buyer
    4. Understanding trends and anticipating customer wants and needs
    5. Market Segmentation and Positioning
    6. Strategies for marketing to consumers, organizations and resellers
  3. Expanding the Marketing Mix (Part 1):
    1. Product:
      1. New product development
      2. Developing a range of products
      3. Understanding the product life cycle
      4. Developing strategies for different stages of the life cycle
      5. Branding decisions
      6. Packaging and labelling
    2. Price:
      1. How your price positions you in the mind of the buyer
      2. Pricing strategies and decisions
      3. Considerations when choosing a price: product mix, promotional pricing, geographical pricing
      4. Expanding the Marketing Mix (Part 2):
    3. Place:
      1. Selecting the right distribution channels
      2. Selling though retailers, wholesalers and other resellers
      3. Selling directly to consumers
      4. Using the internet to sell products and service
    4. People:
      1. People are our greatest asset’ – why people are included
      2. Using your staff to convey the company brand values
      3. How Marketing relates to Human Resources and Customer Service
    5. Process:
      1. Taking a marketing led approach to internal processes and systems
      2. Making your process your USP
    6. Physical Evidence:
      1. How to show evidence of the quality of your product or service
      2. Using case studies and testimonials
      3. Getting third party endorsements of your product or service
  4. Expanding the Marketing Mix (Part 3)
    1. Promotion:
      1. Selecting the right promotional strategies
      2. BTL and ATL marketing activities
      3. Advertising
      4. Direct Marketing
      5. Direct Sales
      6. Internet Marketing
      7. Public Relations
      8. Referral Strategies
      9. Sales Promotion
      10. Social Media
    2. Writing the Marketing Plan:
      1. What goes into a strategic marketing plan
      2. How to plan a promotional campaign
      3. How to get internal support for your plan
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