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TOEFL preparation

The TOEFL tests measure core English skills using academic content similar to what is used in actual classroom tasks. This makes the tests an essential tool for study and job enquiries where English is the used language of communication. At the end of this course the trainee will be able to take their TOEFL exam and achieve their target score.

Course is for a duration of 36 hours.


  • Recognize contextual clues.
  • Summarize information.
  • Identify factual information.
  • Make inferences.
  • Understand Western rhetorical patterns, meaning and purpose.


  • Basic comprehension.
  • Pragmatic understanding.
  • Connect information.


  • Recognize rhetorical patterns in speech.
  • Become comfortable with utilizing specific academic vocabulary and common idiomatic expressions.
  • Verbally express opinions, values, and judgments.
  • Express oneself clearly and confidently.


  • Utilize academic vocabulary and idiomatic expressions in an effective manner.
  • Develop academic essay styles (opinion, compare and contrast, descriptive).
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