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Working together to stay safe

Here at AURAK the safety of our students, faculty and staff is our utmost priority. As announced by the Provost face to face Classes for Spring Semester 2022 will begin on Monday, 24 January. See below for details of what is required to come on to campus.

There are some things we all need to do to ensure that we keep our AURAK community safe.

Visit the section below “we are all responsible” to find out about the measures we have put in place and what is required of you.

Also, in the “keeping each other safe” section there is information on how to best care for yourself and others while you are on Campus.

Ongoing support is available from our Office of Student Success.

This information may be subject to change, so continue to visit this site to get the latest guidance.

We are All Responsible

To enter the campus

  1. You will have your temperature taken at the gate and it must be below 37.5 degrees to allow admission.
  2. You must have a current Green Pass on your AlHosn App. For the Green Pass to remain green you must be fully vaccinated (a minimum of two doses of the vaccine, and ideally the booster as well) and a negative PCR test not older than 30 days.
  3. You must be wearing a mask

If you are exempt from taking the vaccine for medical reasons you must:

  1. Provide a certificate of exemption from MOHAP.
  2. Take a weekly PCR test every Friday so that by each Monday you can present a negative result in order to gain entry.


If anyone has COVID-19 symptoms, it is important to stay at home (or go home immediately), self-isolate, and book a coronavirus PCR test.  If you are not able to go home we will provide an isolation room.

If you test positive for coronavirus you must:

  1. Email at and let us know
  2. Isolate immediately and complete a track and trace form
  3. Only return to campus when you feel well and have had two negative test results

If you find out you have been with an infected person you must:

  1. Isolate immediately
  2. Email at and let us know
  3. Take a test after five days and only return when you have had a negative test result.

Safe distancing

    Teaching, research, study and work space on campus will be set up to help keep users safe. Control measures may be in place, to which you need to adhere, such as reduced room capacities, prearranged room layouts, and managing the flow of people. We are seeking to maintain 1 meter distancing in rooms (including laboratories).

    Face coverings

    Everyone must wear a face covering at all times on campus, with the exception of when seated in coffee or dining areas.

    You should bring two masks daily, one to be used in the morning and the other after lunch.  Masks should also be disposed of in the designated bins for medical waste. In the case of using fabric masks, precautions must be taken to ensure that the used ones are properly stored in your bag and cleaned daily.

    Cleaning and hygiene

    Enhanced cleaning regimes will remain in place. We all have a responsibility to continue to maintain high personal levels of hygiene, especially by regularly washing our hands. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout campus for everyone to use.


    Vaccination is free for all UAE citizens and residents, and everyone who can be vaccinated should do so to protect themselves and others.  Unless you are medically exempt, you will not get on to Campus without evidence of vaccination.  Vaccination do not exempt us from having to wear a mask, social distancing and maintaining high-levels of hygiene by washing our hands regularly.  You can still contract COVID-19 if you are vaccinated, and pass it on to others.

    Al Hosn App

    You must have downloaded the Al Hosn App in order to record your vaccine and negative covid tests.  You should also keep the app open and your Bluetooth enabled to allow the track and trace facility of the app.

    Keeping each other safe

    Here’s some key things we need to do to keep each other safe

    √  Always wear a mask

    √  Wash or sanitize your hands regularly

    √  Do not shake hands, touch noses or hug when greeting friends

    √  Maintain a 1 meter of distance whenever possible

    √  Do not share equipment or supplies like pens or masks

    √  Keep your Al Hosn App open and Bluetooth enabled at all times

    Last updated: May 9, 2022 @ 10:00 am

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