Dr. Ali Maalaoui


Title:  Department Chair / Assistant Professor – Mathematics
School: School of Arts & Sciences
Department: Mathematics & Natural Sciences Department
Office:  Bldg. C-26
Phone: Ext. 1172
Email: ali.maalaoui@aurak.ac.ae

Dr. Ali Maalaoui joined the American University of Ras al Khaimah during the fall of 2014 as an assistant professor in the department of mathematics and natural sciences. He received his master’s degree in Tunisia from the University of Tunis, followed by a doctoral degree that he received from the same University in 2010.

Afterward, Dr. Maalaoui moved to the United States to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics at Rutgers University in New Jersey. After successful completion of the program, he moved to a postdoctoral research position at the University of Basel in Switzerland where he worked with the analysis research group. Before joining AURAK, Dr. Maalaoui served as a teaching assistant at Rutgers University where he had the opportunity to teach many courses and enhance his teaching skills. After moving to Basel, he supported the teaching of a master’s level course in Riemannian geometry. Currently, at AURAK, he teaches undergraduate mathematics courses at all levels.

His research interests involve geometric analysis related to conformal geometry and the study of conformal curvature invariants, as well as CR-geometry and the problem of prescribing the Webster curvature. This field involves studying PDE’s having rigid properties. He is also interested in contact geometry and the study of contact form homology related to the Weinstein conjecture, namely finding periodic orbits of the Reeb vector field. Dr. Maalaoui has more than 15 published papers in prestigious journals and he gave talks at international conferences around the world. He is an avid researcher and is currently collaborating on projects with researchers in various parts of the world, including; United States, Italy, Japan, and Tunisia.

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. May 2013.
    Advisor: Dr. Abbas Bahri
    Thesis title: \The Action Functional on Dual Legendrian Submanifolds of the Loop Space of a
    Contact Three Dimensional Closed Manifold.”
  • Abilitazione Scientica Nazionale, ANALISI MATEMATICA, PROBABILIT E STATISTICA MATEMATICA. March 2017, Italy.
  • Doctorate in Pure Mathematics, University of Tunis. Summer 2010.
    Advisor: Dr. Lot Lassoued
    Thesis title: \On the Study of Non{linear PDEs Involving the p{Laplacian.”
  • Master of Science in Pure Mathematics, University of Tunis. May 2007.
  • Ecole Normale Superieur of Tunis, Aggregation in Mathematics. May 2007.
    Exam for certication of teaching mathematics in preparatory engineering schools in Tunisia.
    Placed rst, and was awarded teaching internship in France.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics, University of Tunis. May 2006.
    Class Valedictorian.
Areas  of Interest

Calculus of variations and non-linear PDEs,  Geometric analysis, Conformal geometry,  Contact topol- ogy.


  1. C. Guidi, A. Maalaoui,  V. Martino.  “Palais-Smale sequences  for the  fractional  CR  Yamabe functional  and multiplicity results,”  To appear  in Calc.  Var.  and PDEs.
  2. A. Maalaoui, V. Martino. “Characterization of the  Palais-Smale sequences for the  conformal Dirac-Einstein Problem  and Applications,” To appear  in JDE.
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  9. A. Maalaoui, L. Martinazzi, and  A. Schikorra.   “Blow-up  Behaviour  of a Fractional Adams Moser-Trudinger Type Inequality in Odd Dimension.”  Communications in Partial Differential Equations. Volume 41. Issue 10 (2016).  pp.1593–1618.
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  16. A. Maalaoui, V. Martino, and  G. Tralli.   “Complex  Group  Actions  on the  Sphere  and  Sign Changing  Solutions  for the  CR-Yamabe Equation.” Journal of Mathematical Analysis  and Applications. Volume 431. Issue 1 (2015).  pp.  126-135.
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  • T. Isobe, A. Maalaoui. “Morse-Floer Theory  for Super-Quadratic Dirac-Geodesics,”  Preprint.
  • N. Lam, A. Maalaoui, A. Pinamonti.  “Characterization of Anisotropic  High Order  Sobolev Spaces,”  Preprint.
  • A. Maalaoui, A. Pinamonti, G. Speight. “Functional Spaces via Fractional Poisson  Kernel on Carnot  Groups  and Applications,” Preprint.

Survey Papers:

  • A. Maalaoui. “Bubbling phenomena  in calculus of variations,” AJM, special issue for Prof.  A. Bahri.

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