Dr. Baliira Kalyebara


Title:  Department Chair / Associate Professor – Finance
School: School of Business
Department: Accounting and Finance Department
Office:  Bldg. H 302E
Phone: +971 7 246 8779
Email: baliira.kalyebara@aurak.ac.ae

Dr Baliira Kalyebara joined American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) in 2014 as Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of Accounting and Finance; School of Business. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Finance and the Department Chair.

Dr. Baliira Kalyebara holds a PhD from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. He has been teaching in universities for over twenty (20) years in Australia and over eight (8) years in United Arab Emirates (UAE). He worked as an internal auditor, external auditor and financial accountant in Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe respectively before joining academia in Australia.

Dr. Baliira has taught several  courses in finance and accounting, including Business Finance; Organizational Finance; Financial Market Analysis; Advanced Corporate Finance; International Finance; Fundamentals of Financial Planning; Retirement Planning & Superannuation; Risk Management and Derivatives; Insurance Planning; and Financial Plan Development.

He has published several articles in international journals such as: Banks and Bank Systems; International Journal of Business and Economics; Corporate Ownership and Control; The IUP International of Applied Finance; Corporate Ownership and Control and Growing Science in Accounting. Dr. Baliira’s primary area of interest in finance is developing optimization models in investment appraisal and following up the current developments in financial markets that impact investment decision making.

  • PhD (2011). Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
    Topic: Corporate Governance, Capital Markets and Capital Budgeting: A New Integrated Approach to Investment Appraisal. Supervisor:
  • Master of Business (Finance) June 1995. Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
    Topic: The determination and Use of the Hurdle Rate in Capital Budgeting: Australian Experience. Supervisor: Professor. Ray Anderson.
  • Abuoliem, N, B. Kalyebara, Ibrahim. C.W. S C. W. (2021), Revisiting Portfolio Optimization and 1/N Rules: Shariah vs Conventional Stocks’ Performance during the Covid-19 Pandemic (SCOPUS). https://www.abacademies.org/articles/revisiting-portfolio-optimization-and-1n-rules-shariah-vs-conventional-stocks-performance-during-the-covid19-pandemic.pdf.
  • Tan. T. J, B. Kalyebara (2021), Can investors benefit from corporate social responsibility and portfolio model during the Covid19 pandemic? Growing Science (Accounting) (SCOPUS): Q4 = 3 points http://growingscience.com/beta/authors/Baliira+Kalyebara/.
  • Tadele, H, B. Kalyebara (2020), CEO Power and Bank Risk: Evidence from UAE National Banks. Banks and Bank Systems, Volume 15, Issue 3, 2020 (SCOPUS): ABDC: C = 3 points. file:///C:/Users/baliira.kalyebara/Downloads/BBS_2020_03_Tadele%20(1).pdf.
  • Pham, H. N, B. Kalyebara and S. M. N. Islam (2020), Determinants of Firm Growth: Evidence on Ownership Structure Effects and Sustainable Growth Implications. International Journal of Business and Economics, 2020, Vol. 19, No.3, 221-235, (SCOPUS): ABDC: B = 4 points. https://ijbe.fcu.edu.tw/assets/ijbe/past_issue/No.19-3/pdf/vol_19-3-1.pdf.
  • Pham, H. N, B. Kalyebara (2020), Investments in subsidiaries, joint ventures, affiliates and firm growth: Evidence from Vietnam. Growing Science (Accounting), (SCOPUS): Q4 = 3 points. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/342670713_Investments_in_subsidiaries_ joint_ventures_affiliates_and_firm_growth_Evidence_from_Vietnam.
  • T. T. J. Tan, B. Kalyebara (2019), Customized CSR Ratings and Optimal Sharpe Portfolios in the Bursa Malaysia, Growing Science (Accounting), (SCOPUS): Q4 =3 points. https://www.ijrte.org/wp-content/uploads/papers/v8i3/C4936098319.pdf.
  • Kalyebara, B & Ahmed, A 2014, ‘Dynamic Linkages between Capital Markets Interactions, Debt Capital Agency Costs and Capital Budgeting: A Case Study of Airline Industry’.
  • Kalyebara, B & Ahmed, A 2012, ‘Corporate governance, agency costs and investment appraisal: an assessment’, Corporate Ownership and Control, vol. 9, no. 4, pp.208-220. ERA ranking = B. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/287270536_Corporate_governance_agency_costs_and_investment_appraisal_An_assessment.
  • Kalyebara, B & Ahmed, A 2012, ‘Capital markets, corporate governance and capital budgeting: implications for firm value’, Corporate Ownership and Control, vol. 9, no. 3, pp.9-26. ERA ranking = B. https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Capital-markets%2C-corporate-governanceand-capital-Kalyebara-Ahmed/28650ea10ec0604f2a53d5ab82b9d5191125c6f0.
  • Kalyebara, B & Ahmed, A 2011, ‘Determination and use of a hurdle rate in the capital budgeting process: evidence from listed Australian companies’, IUP Journal of Applied Finance, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 59-76. ABDC ranking = C.


Corporate governance, capital markets, and capital budgeting, B Kalyebara, SMN Islam (2014), Springer https://www.amazon.com/Books-Baliira-Kalyebara/s?rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3ABaliira+Kalyebara.

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