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Dr. Baliira Kalyebara


Title:  Department Chair / Associate Professor – Finance
School: School of Business
Department: Accounting and Finance Department
Office:  Bldg. H 302E
Phone: +971 7 246 8779

Dr. Baliira Kalyebara holds a PhD from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. He has been teaching at university level for over twenty (20) years in Australia. He worked as an internal auditor, external auditor and financial accountant in Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe respectively before joining academia in Australia.

Dr. Baliira has taught a number of finance and accounting courses including Business Finance; Organizational Finance; Financial Market Analysis; Advanced Corporate Finance; International Finance; Auditing; Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting; Accounting for Decision Making; Fundamentals of Financial Planning; Retirement Planning & Superannuation; Risk Management and Derivatives; Insurance Planning; and Financial Plan Development.

Dr. Baliira has published a number of journal articles in international journals and he has published a book in finance. Dr. Baliira’s primary area of interest in finance is developing optimization models of investment appraisal.

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