Dr. Haileslasie Tadele

Title:  Associate Professor – Finance
School: School of Business 
Department: Accounting and Finance Department
Office:  Bldg. H 316
Phone: +971 7 246 8768
Email: h.gebremariam@aurak.ac.ae

Dr. Haileslasie Tadele joined the School of Business at AURAK in fall 2018 as Assistant Professor of Finance. He received his Ph.D. in Finance (2017) from the University of Otago, New Zealand.  

His main research interest includes development finance, financial innovation, risk management, energy financing and corporate finance. His research work has appeared in international refereed journals such as Applied Economics, Pacific-Based Finance Journal, International journal of Social Economics, and International Journal of Corporate Governance among others. He serves as a reviewer and Editorial board member for several International refereed journals.

Dr. Haileslasie has a multidisciplinary background in accounting, finance and development economics. He has a broad teaching experience in Accounting and Finance courses.

He has received several awards and honors for his contribution to research and teaching, including an exceptional quality PhD thesis (2017), best PhD researcher (Alan MacGregor Prize, 2016), and a recognition for excellence in student-centered teaching, research and services in the school of Business at AURAK (2020 & 2021).

Doctor of Philosophy in Finance, Otago University (2017)

Research Interests

  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Innovation
  • Development finance
  • Energy financing
  • Risk management 


  • Altamimi, M., and Haileslasie, T. (2022). The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on customers’ spending behavior in the United Arab Emirates. International Journal of Business and Management, 17 (9), 8-19.
  • Haileslasie, T., Roberts, H. and Whiting, R. (2022). Microfinance institutions’ risk and governance in Sub-Saharan Africa, International Journal of Social Economics, 49(3), 449-469.
  • Haileslasie, T., Ruan, X., and Li, W. (2022). Corporate Governance and firm Jump and volatility risk, Applied Economics, 54(22), 2529-2553.
  • Haileslasie, T. & Baliira, K. (2020). CEO power and Bank risk in the UAE. Banks and Bank systems, 15(3), 117-128
  • Haileslasie, T. (2020). Microfinance Institutions’ Board Structure and Default Risk in Sub-Saharan Africa. African Journal of Economic and Management studies, 12(1), 1-17.
  • Haileslasie, T. (2020). Social entrepreneurship and microfinance in Kenya. Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics, 11(1), 256-266.
  • Haileslasie, T., Roberts, H. and Whiting, R. (2018). Microfinance institutions’ website accessibility. Pacific Basin Finance Journal 50, 279 – 293.
  • Haileslasie, T., Roberts, H. and Whiting, R. (2018). Transparency and Microfinance institutions’ risk in Sub-Saharan Africa. International Journal of Corporate Governance, 9(2), 201-226.
  • Haileslasie, T., Roberts, H. and Whiting, R. (2018). Microfinance institutions’ transparency in Sub-Saharan Africa. Applied Economics, 50(14), 1601-1616.
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