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Dr. Imed Louhichi

Title:  Assistant Professor- Applied Linguistics
School: School of Arts & Sciences
Department: Humanities & Social Sciences Department
Office:  Bldg. C-40
Phone: +971 7 246 8823

Dr. Imed Louhichi is an Assistant Professor in the Languages and Literature Department, teaching Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Research Methodology, English Language Teaching, Technology and English language teaching, Composition, and Advanced Composition. He joined the American University of Ras al Khaimah in August 2016 in the capacity of a Visiting Assistant Professor and then as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Imed is a linguist and is interested in cross-linguistic variations, especially between English and Arabic, and how they relate to issues of linguistic conceptualization and the learning of first and second languages.

Dr. Imed Louhichi holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Sussex, Brighton, England. The titles of his theses are Is the Essence of a Category in the Eye of the Beholder: The Categorization of Fruit and Vegetables in Tunisian Arabic?” and “The ‘Motionisation’ of Verbs: A Contrastive Study of Thinking-for-Speaking in English and Tunisian Arabic.”

Currently, Dr. Imed Louhichi is researching a form of Pidgin Arabic spoken by immigrants in Ras Al Khaimah whose first language is not Arabic. He has been awarded a Seed Grant to assist him with this project. Previously, he has researched the differences and similarities in the linguistic conceptualization of motion by English native speakers, Arabic native speakers, and second language speakers whose first language is Arabic.


  • Louhichi, I. (2018, July). ‘The description of motion in Tunisian Arabic: A thinking-for-speaking approach. Sino-US English Teaching, 15 (7), 346-36.
  • Louhichi, I. ‘L1 thinking-for-speaking habits are difficult to change: Evidence from advanced L2 speakers of English’. International Journal of Language and Linguistics, 6:1 (2019) (pages TBA).
  • “The Categorization of Motion Verbs in Thinking-for-Speaking: A Critical Review”

Conference Presentations

March 2018:

  • Venue: IAFOR Conference on Education, Dubai
  • Title: “On the Influence L1 Training onto L2 Learning: Evidence from the Use of ‘from’, ‘Out of’ and ‘Off’”

March 2017:

  • Venue: 23rd TESOL Arabia International Conference and Exhibition-Advancing the ELT Profession, Dubai.
  • Venue 2: The Reading Club, AURAK Title: “Do ‘Linguistic Habits’ Affect ‘Thinking’?”

March 2015:

  • Venue: IAFOR Conference on Education, DUBAI.
  • Title: “What English Teachers’ Trainers, Curriculum Designers, and Textbook Writers Should Know about the Linguistic Conceptualisation of Motion in English and Arabic.”

February 2014:

  • Venue: Tunisian First International TESOL Conference – Tunisia
  • Title: “Should ‘Whorfianism’ Be Allowed Back Into the Classroom?”

May 2013:

  • Venue: Research on Languages and Linguistics – Sussex University
  • Title: ‘To Motionise’ or ‘Not to Motionise’: The Untold Story About Thinking-forSpeaking in English.”

January 2013:

  • Venue: Research on Languages and Linguistics – Sussex University
  • Title: “Are Mother Tongues Prison Houses?”




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