Dr. Mahmoud Alzioud


Virtual Assistant Professor – Civil Engineering – Highway and Transportation
School: School of Engineering
Department: Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Department
Office:  Bldg. G-302
Email: mahmoud.azioud@aurak.ac.ae

Mahmoud Alzioud, PhD., is a Civil engineer Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah, He received his B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Jordan, Jordan, in 2007, his M.Sc. degree in Transportation Engineering from the University of Jordan, Jordan, in 2012, and his Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Akron, USA, in 2020. Dr. Mahmoud has almost 14 years of civil engineering experience, he enjoys years of solid experience in teaching traffic, pavement and transportation courses, as well as statistical analysis and data management in several universities worldwide, beside field experience in hydraulic related projects such as culverts and levees with an experience of performing projects in several areas in the US. Mahmoud is Adept at planning, designing, and providing cost-effective services. He has strong logical skills with an ability to analyze traffic conditions such as travel time, speeds, delay time and traffic following theories through statistics, and big data analysis. He has familiarity with AutoCAD 2018, PTV VISSIM, MATLAB, SPSS, SAS, MEPDG, WinLEA, JMP, Microsoft Office and HCS software. In addition, Mahmoud conducted number of researches in Traffic Flow Theories, Pavement Design, The newly released design approach so called the Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design ME, Statistical Analysis, Highway Materials, Highway Safety, Data Collection, Intersections Analysis, Roadway Planning, Risk Analysis and Reliability Assessment.

  • Ph. D., Civil Engineering, The University of Akron, USA, 2020
  • M.Sc., Transportation Engineering, The University of Jordan, Jordan, 2012
  • B.Sc., Civil Engineering, The University of Jordan, Jordan, 2007


Research and Publications:

Projects Fields and Interests:

Traffic Flow Theories, Transportation Studies, Pavement Design, Mechanistic Empirical Design, Statistical Analysis, Highway Materials, Highway Safety, Speed, Travel Time, and Delay Studies, Pavement Material testing and marking, Data Collection, Intersections Analysis, Roadway Planning, Risk Analysis and Reliability Assessment, Culverts, Levees, Hydraulics, Earthwork, America’s Seed Fund NSF SBIR Projects, NCHRP IDEA research projects, Environmental Protection Agency EPA SBIR research projects.

PhD Dissertation:


This study presented a framework for selecting the minimum required traffic monitoring period to achieve a target accuracy level in predicting the pavement service life. Furthermore, a reliability-based approach was presented in this study for the design of pavement structures to account for the uncertainty in estimating the various traffic inputs using different traffic monitoring periods.

Master Thesis:


This thesis studies several often-overlooked impacts of transport and traffic activities which affect the non-users and termed as External Effects. Four of these impacts are most common and considered for detailed cost evaluation are: road traffic noise, air pollution, traffic congestion and traffic accidents.

Journal Article:

J. Goussous, A. Al-Dakhlallah (Tomah), K. S. Jadaan, and M. A. Alzioud, College of Engineering and Technology, the University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, Applied Science University, Amman, (Jordan Road Traffic Noise in Amman, Jordan: Magnitude and Cost Investigation), 2014.
Submitted to: Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering Vol. 2, No. 2, June 2014
Coauthor Paper:
Ahmed Al-Kaisy, Ph.D., P.E., Levi Ewan, P.E., Mahmoud Alzioud, (Prioritization Scheme for Proposed RWIS Sites: Montana Case Study), 2016.
Submitted to TRB.

Pending Papers:
1. Mahmoud Alzioud, Ala R. Abbas, Ph.D. (Impact of Traffic Monitoring Period on Predicted Flexible Pavement Performance in the MEPDG), 2019.
2. Mahmoud Alzioud, Qindan Huang, Ph.D., Ala R. Abbas, (Traffic Data Statistical Distribution Sensitivity to Traffic Monitoring Period), 2019.

Training Courses:

  • Local Program Agency LPA Basic Training Class, Missouri Department of Transportation. Completed on 6/16/2020, Online Training Course.
  • Overseeing and preparing training workshops to teach, deliver and launch the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Work Zone Traffic Management Manual TMM, I have prepared and delivered the following courses to groups of Engineers and Specialists in Abu Dhabi:
    • Emirate of Abu Dhabi Work Zone Traffic Management Manual TMM developed by Integrated Transport Center, Edition 2014. Including the Applications of the Manual, Principles of Work Zones, Work Zone Traffic Management Planning, Work Zone Component and Special Considerations, Risk Assessment, Equipment and Traffic Control Devices TCD’s and Typical Layouts in Abu Dhabi.
    • Introduction to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Abu Dhabi DOT Document Number AD-D-11, 1st edition of 2014. Based on the EMIRATE OF ABU DHABI WORK ZONE TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT MANUAL, TMM 2014, The Abu Dhabi Manual of Unified Traffic Control Devices and The Abu Dhabi Traffic Signs Manual (Published 2005 – Version 1)
    • Traffic Management Plan TMP and correct usage of temporary traffic control devices TTCDs For Emirate of Abu Dhabi
    • Assessing Potential Hazard in Traffic Safety Operations

US Government Projects:

  • Research approved and invited as a Principal Investigator PI for advanced phases by America’s Seed Fund powered by NSF National Science Foundation SBIR.STTR. Topic area (Advanced Manufacturing (M)).
    Project Pitch 00021511
    Invitation Date: 6/15/2020
    Title: Using Advanced Statistical and Reliability Analysis to Balance Cost of Data V.S. Material.
  • Principal Investigator PI in IDEA Program powered by the Transportation Research Board TRB, 2020. Highway IDEA,
    Title: Traffic Data Processing Using the “Virtual Truck” in the Mechanistic Empirical Design Approach
    Submitted on: 8/27/2020
  • Principal Investigator PI in the Environmental Protection Agency EPA, Small Business Innovation Research Program SBIR Broad Agency. Aug 2020.
    Topic: 5E_ Materials that improve energy efficiency in buildings and have reduced embodied impacts.
    Title: Road Markings Using Self Glowing Materials.
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