Dr. Philipp Dorstewitz


Title:  Associate Professor – Philosophy
School: School of Arts & Sciences
Department: Humanities & Social Sciences Department
Office:  Bldg. C-33
Phone: +971 7 246 8834
Email: philipp.dorstewitz@aurak.ac.ae

Dr. Philipp Dorstewitz obtained his PhD in Philosophy from the London School of Economics in 2008. He studied Business Administration and Philosophy in Germany and in the UK. Before serving for five years as a lecturer in Philosophy at Maastricht University (Netherlands) he held teaching appointments at the LSE and the University College Dublin. At LSE he received the departmental teaching prize in 2003. In 2013, he joined AURAK as an Assistant Professor in Philosophy. Dr. Dorstewitz is also affiliated as a research fellow with the Cologne Dewey Center (University of Cologne). In his academic work he applies a pragmatist method to the social sciences. He investigates deliberation processes in policy and (urban) planning contexts. Other stands of his work address the use of normative frameworks in policy-making and the structure of scientific inquiry. As a university teacher he developed numerous courses on political philosophy, philosophy of science and philosophy of social science. At AURAK Dr. Dorstewitz coordinates and teaches general education courses on Critical Thinking and Reasoning (PHIL100) and Ethics in Todays World (PHIL 101).


  • Dorstewitz, Philipp [accepted] Ethics in Actor Networks: What Latour could learn from Darwin and Dewey. Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics X(X), with Katinka Waelbers: http://db.tt/3zUyl4e9
  • Dorstewitz, Philipp [accepted]. Urban planning as experimental knowledge production – Zeche Zollverein a scientific laboratory? International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (X) X:
  • Dorstewitz, Philipp (2011). Community, communication, social change: Music in an Indian slum. International Journal of Community Music 4(1) 51-62, with Andre De Quadros: http://db.tt/QaZB6ODU
  • Dorstewitz, Philipp (2010). There is no ‘point’ in decision-making: a transactive model of rational public policy. Policy Sciences (43) 3, 263-287, with Shyama Kuruvilla
    Available “online first” at:
    Dorstewitz, Philipp (2007) Reviewing Rationality: A pragmatist perspective on policy & planning processes. Management and Philosophy 6(1): 91-117, with Shyama Kuruvilla:
  • Dorstewitz, Philipp (2011). Dewey’s Science: A Transactive Model of Research Processes. In: The Continuing Relevance of John Dewey. Reflections on Aesthetics, Morality, Science, and Society. L. A. Hickman, M. C. Flamm, K. P. Skowronski and J. A. Rea. Amsterdam/New York, NY, Radopi :
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