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ICONET is an ICT research and innovation center established by the School of Engineering at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) with support from the Telecommunication and Regulatory Authority’s ICT Fund. ICONET has been initiated with the aim of supporting the university’s central mission of gaining recognition as a beacon of excellence in education and innovation.

ICONET will foster excellence in education and innovation in the development and application of ICT to problems of national interest in science and engineering. The center will provide students and faculty with the structure and resources to accomplish these goals. ICONET is designed to incorporate multiple activities that are unified under the umbrella of ICT. These activities include research and development, business incubation, programming education for schools, and training, among others.


ICT Academy


Startup weekend

November 13, 2019, “ICONET co-organize the RAK’19 Startup weekend on April 11-13, together with the AURAK School of Business and Khalifa fund. RAK 19 Startup weekend is designed to help everyone with an idea to start a full business within 30 hours. All participants...

Huawei 5G Workshop

October 24, 2019, AURAK hosted a workshop by Huawei Technologies on 5G technology. The workshop was a great opportunity to know more about the 5G industry trends, services, and use cases.

House Guardian project

September 24, 2019, The student Hamad Al Hebsi presented the “House Guardian project” to the Dubai Civil Defense. The project which is a house protection system that detects and predicts unseen hazards in homes was selected as one of the winners for Expo Live grant...

TTVS Training

April 18, 2019, AURAK MeznSat team attended the Spacecraft techniques and technologies (mini TTVS) course held at UAE University, conducted in the period April 15-18 by CNES (French National Centre for Space Studies) and sponsored by the UAE Space Agency on space...

We have something for everyone

Schools: ICT Education, curriculum consultancy, teaching training.

Companies and institutions: training courses, consultation, incubation and office space, research, innovation projects.

Individuals: Graduate certificates, training courses, innovation support.

Faculty: Research Support, Startup support, Industry out-reach

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    What do we do?

    • Quality research in the area of ICT
    • State-of-the-art
    • Focus areas include space, cybersecurity and Virtual Reality
    • Modern Office Space
    • Discounted rent
    • Access to university resources
    • Free workshops and mentorship for startups
    • Qualified, experienced trainers (Ph.D. and M.Sc. holders)
    • Competitive pricing
    • Advanced certified courses: ARM, CCNA, MySQL,
    • Programming sessions for school students
    • Training for school teachers on programming and IT curriculum and teaching

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