Prof. Jyoti Grewal


Title:  Dean – School of Arts & Sciences / Professor – History
School: School of Arts & Sciences
Department: Humanities & Social Sciences Department
Office:  Bldg. C-2
Phone: +971 7 246 8787

Professor Jyoti K. Grewal is the Dean for the School of Arts and Sciences. She received her Ph.D. in History from Stony Brook University in New York (USA) in 1991. She served as a faculty member at Luther College in the US until 2003 when she moved to serve at Zayed University in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, UAE, first as a faculty member and then as an academic administrator.

Professor Grewal’s research and activism align in her professional and personal life. As an author of several articles and monograph, she has committed herself to voicing the silences at the margins of society. Her focus in research, analysis, and writing has been undergirded by continuous learning of critical theory and its applicability in the intersections of, and in the interstitial spaces between gender, race, class, and postcolonial situationality. Writing on various historical/current developments in South Asia and the United States as her two fields of expertise, she is currently exploring public spaces as sites of protest. She sees herself as an “organic intellectual” whose pursuit of social justice affect every aspect of her life. Her commitment to education is infused with the principle that the purpose of the Academy to pass on to the next generation the received knowledge and wisdom. Students’ learning matters. When not in the office, Professor Grewal honors her life moments with reading, gardening, and practicing mindful meditation.

Academic Education


PhD, History
Department of History, US and East Asia Stony Brook University, New York


MA, History
Faculty of Arts, South Asia and East Asia Delhi University, Delhi, India


BA, History (Honours)
Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, Delhi, India

Professional Education


Crisis Management Leadership
Kennedy School of Public Policy. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


Women in Education Leadership
Graduate School of Education. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


Management Development Program
Graduate School of Education. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Selected Publications

  1. “Transversal Living/Existence: The Post-Modern Migrant’s Conundrum”, Completed chapter submitted for edited anthology,Transnationalism (editor awaiting book contract)
  2. “Public Space/s as the Protest(ed) Site: The Women of Shaheen Bagh”, Article under review for publication in Spring 2022.
  3. “Rape Culture/s, Toxic Masculinity, and Social Acceptance”, Article under review for publication in Fall 2021.
  4. “12/12 New Delhi: Public Resistance to Rape Culture”, Peace Studies Journal, Vol.10, Issue 2 July.
  5. “Teaching Gender in Other Classrooms: A View from the Outside”, Book Chapter in Teaching Gender, ed Kristin Haltinner and Ryanne Pilgeram. Springer Books, 2015
  6. Monograph: Betrayed by the State: Anti-Sikh Pogrom, 1984. Penguin Books, November 2007
  7. “Theorizing Activism and Activizing Theory: A Feminist Alternative to Infusing the Academy within Indian Punjabi Society.” National Women’s Studies Journal, 19.2, 2007
  8. Encyclopedic Articles, “Decolonization and the Middle East” and “Railways in East Asia” in Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism Since 1450, Gale/Macmillan Group, September 2006
  9. “Remapping ‘Asia’: In the words of Asian Women Authors”, The Exchange, Vo VIII, No.1, Summer 2000
  10. “Nur Jahan: Empress of Mughal India” in Anne Commire and Deborah Klezmer, eds., Women in World History. Waterford, CT: Yorkin Publications, 2000
  11. “Razia: Sole Queen of The Sultanate” in Women In World History. Waterford, CT: Yorkin Publications, 2000
  12. “Indira Gandhi: Prime Minster of India” in Women In World History, Waterford, CT:Yorkin Publications, 2000
  13. “Lakshmi Bai: Freedom Fighter Against the British Raj” Women In World History, Waterford, CT: Yorkin Publications, 2000


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