Prof. Linzi Kemp


Title:  Professor of Management – Graduate Program Director
School: School of Business
Department: Management Department
Office:  Bldg. H-302B
Phone: 8774

Linzi’s research and teaching are in areas of Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Women & Organizations. She teaches graduate and undergraduate students and has trained personnel for Executive Education. Her research focuses on women in employment and leadership in the United Arab Emirates, and wider Middle East region.

Prior to joining AURAK, she was a professor at the American University of Sharjah, UAE where she co-created and taught the ‘Women in Leadership’ course, believed to be the first of its kind in the Arab Gulf states.  The ‘ThinkTank on Women in Organizations (MENA)’ was co-organised by Linzi and she led and co-created the virtual ‘Centre for Women in Leadership’, which showcases women’s achievements in the Middle East, and shares multimedia resources for teaching and training

Previous experience has been in management, training, and lecturing.  Linzi also spent five years with the State University of New York as Chair of a marketing and organisational behavior program, and was responsible for the professional development of part time employees.  Previously in UAE, Linzi taught business at a government sponsored college, was Professional Development Coordinator; and a trainer for the Institute of Leadership & Management (UK. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, she coordinated the information technology curriculum, and was responsible for marketing a new High School.   At a teacher training college in the People’s Republic of China, Linzi trained new and in-service teachers.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Linzi worked there as a Team Leader, Hospital Administrator, and Area Manager in private and public organizations, within the fields of education, retail and the National Health Service.

  • PhD. (June 2003). Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom (UK). Thesis: Organisational Team: Modern and Postmodern Perspectives of Primary Health Care.
  • MBA. (May 1994). Henley Management College, Brunel University, UK.
  • BEd (Business) (December 1991). The Polytechnic of Huddersfield, UK.
  • Diploma in Marketing (December 1988). Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.
  • Higher National Certificate (Business and Finance) (1988). Blackburn College, UK.

Professional Qualifications

  • Art & Practice of Coaching, International Coaching Federation
  • Graduate of the Chair Academy for Leadership Training and Development. Maricopa College,
  • Leadership Practicum. University of Nebraska, USA.
  • Accredited Trainer. Institute of Leadership and Management, UK.
  • Accredited Trainer in Technology for Teachers. Hamline University, USA.
  • Certified Facilitator and Instructor. Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), UAE.
  • Certificate in Online Teacher Training. University of London, UK.
  • Certified D32, D33 Assessor. National Council Vocational Qualifications, UK.
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. University of London, UK.
  • Certified Networking Professional. CISCO. USA.
  • Certified Internet Webmaster and Instructor. Chartered Institute of Webmasters.
  • Certificate CENTRA Level 1 Counseling. UK. 
  • Qualified Teacher Status. Department for Education, UK.

Zhang, T., Zhao, F., Kemp, L.J (2022). Recuperation travel in China: Its operating model and opportunities for tourism entrepreneurship.Current Issues in Tourism. Q1, SJR 1.725 (2020) , IF 7.430 (2020), ABDC Rank:A.

Kemp, L.J., & McLoughlin, L. (2021). Influences on the career intentions of Millennials; a view from the United Arab Emirates. Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning, ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print).

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Kemp, L.J. (2020). Women’s progress in the Arab world: Classroom – boardroom pipeline. Personnel Review, special issue A Multi-Level         Approach to Facilitate Women’s Employment in the Middle East. Vol.       ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Mohamed, S. &  Kemp, L.J. (2019). Women in Sudan – leading global ideas towards  a new international future. Harvard Business Review. Arabia.

Rodriguez, J., Ridgway, M., & Kemp, L.J. (2019). Women, work and management in the Middle East. Guest Editorial. Gender in Management: An International Journal 34(7), pp. 529-540.

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Aljurf, S., Kemp, L.J., & Williams, P.  (2019). Exploring academic dishonesty in the Middle East: a qualitative analysis of students’ perceptions. Studies in Higher Education. DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2018.1564262.

Kemp, L.J., Matthias, M., & Raji, M. (2018). Representative bureaucracy in the Arab Gulf states. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 32(3), pp.230-246,

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Kemp, L.J & Zhao, F. (2016). Influences of cultural orientations on Emirati women’s careers. Personnel Review, 45(5), 988-1009.

Book chapters

Kemp, L.J., Beesley, S., Gallant, M. (August 2020 – accepted). Entrepreneurial women in UAE, book chapter for Metcalfe, B. et al. Women & Entrepreneurship Development in the Middle East. Routledge. For publication Spring 2021.

Zeffane, R., & Kemp, L. J. (2018 accepted for publication). Emiratization: Challenges of strategic and radical change in the UAE. In T. Dundon &  A. Wilkinson (Eds.)(2nd edition), Case Studies in Global Management: Strategy, Innovation and People Management (pp. 306-314). Prahran VIC: Tilde University Press.

Kemp, L.J., Gitsaki, C., & Zoghbor, W. (2017). Negotiating space for women’s academic leadership within the Arab Gulf states. In Gendered Success in Higher Education: Global perspectives, edited by White, K. & O’Connor, pps 133-153. London: Palgrave.

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