Mr. John Marton


Title:  Instructor – Biotechnology Lab
School: School of Arts & Sciences
Department: Biotechnology Department
Office:  Bldg. K 113
Phone: +971 7 246 8798

Mr. John Marton received his Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Bharathidasan University, India and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Manonmanium University, India.  Mr. John also also has a diploma in Bioinformatics.

Mr. John joined the AURAK family as a lab technician in 2011 and since 2013, has been a lab instructor in the Biotechnology Department. He is responsible for the planning, organization and setting of the laboratory modules of the Biotechnology Program. Prior to joining AURAK, he worked as a Quality controller and an ERP updater in store management in the UAE.

  • MSc in Biochemistry, Bharathidasan university, India, 2007
  • BSc in Chemistry, Manonmanium university, India, 2003
  • Post graduate diploma in Bioinformatics, Bharathidasan university, India, 2007
  • Post graduate diploma in Computer Application, India, 2003
  • International Conference: Total Lipid Content Assessment from Fungi in United Arab Emirates Mangroves-Merheb M, Matar R, Soleimani M, Marton M, Abou Youssef K., 5th International Renewable Energy and Environment Conference (IREEC-2016), Madrid Spain, 10- July 13, 2016
  • Research Publication: Biodiesel Feedstock Exploration from Fungi in Ras Al Khaimah Mangrove Soil-Merheb M, Matar R, Soleimani M, Marton M, Abou Youssef K.. Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research, submitted
  • Review Article: Mitochondrial DNA, a Powerful Tool to Decipher Ancient Human Civilization from Domestication to Music, and to Uncover Historical Murder Cases-Merheb M, Matar R, Hodeify R, Siddiqui S.S, Vazhappilly C.G,  Marton J, Azharuddin S, AL Zouabi H.. Cells 2019, 8(5), 433
  • Review Article: Siglecs in Brain Function and Neurological Disorders-Siddiqui, S.; Matar, R.; Merheb, M.; Hodeify, R.; Vazhappilly, C.; Marton, J.; Shamsuddin, S.; Al Zouabi, H. Siglecs in Brain Function and Neurological Disorders. Cells 2019, 8(10), 1125, , Cells 2019, 8(10), 1125
  • Research Publication: Catechol modulates breast cancer progression by inducing DNA damage, G1 cell cycle arrest and apoptosis-Cijo George Vazhappilly1*, Rawad Hodeify1, Shoib Sarwar Siddiqui1, Amina Mohammed Jamal Laham2,3, Varsha Menon2, RaafatEl-Awady2,4,Rachel Matar1, Maxime Merheb1, John Marton1, Hussain Abdel Karim Al Zouabi1, Rajan Radhakrishnan5.
  • Research Publication: Modulation of calcium binding proteins expression and cisplatin chemo sensitivity by calcium chelation in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells-Rawad Hodeify1, Shoib Sarwar Siddiqui1, Rachel Matar1, Cijo George Vazhappilly1 , Maxime Merheb1, Hussain Al Zouabi1, and John Marton1..
  • Research Publication: Merheb Maxime, Matar Rachel, Marton John, Hodeify Rawad, Vazhappilly Cijo, Al Zouabi Hussain. Assessment of Simple Preservation Methods in Pure Culture of Aspergillus Versicolor and Aspergillus Niger. Research Journal of Biotechnology, submitted
  • Research Publication: Evaluation of Oil Quantities in Oleaginous Filamentous Fungi in UAE Wetlands: Potential Precursors of Next-Generation Biofuel-Maxime Merheb1,*, Rachel Matar1,, Milad Soleimani2 , John Marton1, Hussain Al Zouabi1, Kamel Abou Youssef1, Rawad Hodeify1, Cijo Vazhappilly1.
  • Research Publication: Extracellular Adenosine Triphosphate Protects Against Cytotoxicity Induced by Elevated Extracellular Calcium in Human Proximal Kidney Cells: Using Deep Learning to Predict Cytotoxicity-Rawad Hodeify1, Arfan Ghani2, Rachel Matar1, Cijo George Vazhappilly1, Maxime Merheb1, Hussain Al Zouabi1, and John Marton1
  • Research Publication: A Study on Antibiotic Usage and Resistance in Ras Al Khaimah- Cijo George Vazhappilly1 #, Wilfa Fernandes1 #, Maxime Merheb1, Rachel Matar1, Rawad Hodeify1, Shimy Mathew1, Rajan Radhakrishnan2, Fatema Al Zaabi1, John Marton1, Hussain Abdel Karim Al Zouabi1, Ashfaque Hossain3
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