Office of Institutional Strategy and Excellence

Office of Institutional Strategy and Excellence

Since its establishment as an independent higher education institution in 2009, American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) has experienced significant growth in all aspects of its operation. This growth is the result of the University’s demonstrated commitment to provide education of the highest quality in an academically enriching environment that prepares its graduates to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, creative, and responsible individuals.

AURAK is able to fulfill this commitment by embracing systematic quality assurance and effectiveness practices that underpin delivery of the university’s strategic goals and objectives. Quality assurance and effectiveness incorporate the institution’s key performance indicators for success, and are measured by standards of excellence benchmarked against international best practice.

The Office of Institutional Strategy and Excellence is committed to the sustained development and advancement of quality assurance and effectiveness practices in all aspects of the University’s operation. Excellence in performance can only be sustained through meaningful, ongoing, integrated and institution-wide broad-based planning, assessment, analysis of findings and the use of results for continuous quality improvement; all of which are integral to the operation of AURAK and the fulfillment of its mission. Members of the AURAK community are also committed to sustaining and advancing the University through these practices. As such, AURAK looks forward to not only maintaining its current accreditations, but also to achieving internationally recognized program and regional accreditations.

We are committed to supporting and advancing the growth and success of AURAK as a higher education institution of excellence and integrity.

Yours for AURAK,

Ms. Amanda Forte
Chief Institutional Strategy & Excellence Officer

OISE Mission:

The mission of Office of Institutional Strategy and Excellence (OISE) is to advance AURAK’s reputation and its students’ educational experience by supporting the University in the implementation of quality assurance and institutional effectiveness processes.

OISE’s Goals are to:

  1. Work collaboratively with the wider University community to implement high impact integrated planning systems and risk management processes that advance AURAK’s reputation and the student’s educational experience.
  2. Provide accurate and complete institutional data to approved external stakeholders to advance the dissemination of knowledge within the UAE and create benchmarks locally and internationally.
  3. Conduct high quality research that enables the University to benchmark its practices against international best practice and advance its reputation within international ranking systems.
  4. Create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement across the University community through robust performance monitoring, accreditation compliance, training and support for all faculty and staff.

Core Values:

OISE adheres to the following core values in order to accomplish its mission.






AURAK Annual Report

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Manual (update to be provided once approved).

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