Prof. Larry Pleshko


Title:  Professor of Marketing
School: School of Business
Department: Management Department
Office:  Bldg. H-319
Phone: +971 7 246 8766

Professor Pleshko earned his PhD. In Marketing from Florida State University with a minor in Research Methodology. He has worked full-time at universities around the world in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the UAE, and Kuwait. His research has mostly focused on services businesses, focusing on how strategies are related to performance. In particular, he tests the application of theory to regional environments, such as the GCC. He has also studied consumers of services in relation to strategy. He has authored more than fifty journal articles and has been published in many journals, including British Food Journal, Journal of International Consumer Marketing, International Review of Retail Distribution & Consumer Research, and the Journal of Financial Services Marketing. He has taught a variety of marketing subjects including Principles of Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Services Marketing, International Marketing, and Retailing.

  • Ph.D. – Business Administration 1993 Marketing major with Methodology minor Florida State University – Tallahassee, Florida
  • Masters – Business Administration 1985 Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton, Florida
  • B.S. – Industrial Engineering 1980 Lehigh University – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Mishari AlNahedh & Larry P. Pleshko (forthcoming 2021), “Disentangling the Effects of Switching Costs on First-Mover Advantages:  Evidence from Kuwait”, Arab Journal of Administrative Sciences

  • Heiens, Richard A. & Larry P. Pleshko (2020), “The Impact of Country of Origin on Relationship Marketing Outcomes in a Market with a Large Migrant Population”, International Journal of Services, Economics and Management, 11 (3), 221-233 (DOI: 10.1504/IJSEM2020.111176).

  • Larry P. Pleshko & Ahmed Abdulrahman (2020), “An Examination of Marketing Performance by Retail Chain Size and Brand Origin in the Kuwait Coffee Shop Market,” Global Journal of Management and Marketing, 4 (1), 21-37.

  • Heiens, Richard A., Pleshko, Larry P., and Ahmed, Ahmed A. (2019), “Marketing Outcomes of SMEs versus Large Enterprises in the Kuwait Fast Food Industry”, British Food Journal, 121(10), 2442-2453.

  • Pleshko, Larry P. and Richard Heiens (2019), “An Exploratory Examination of the Relationship between Time-in-Market and Market Share for Foreign Firms in a Consumer Ethnocentric Emerging Market”, International Journal of Business & Emerging Markets, 11(2), 109-119.

  • Pleshko, Larry P. and Rajan Nataraajan (2019), “Does Cognitive Age Play a Role at the Intersection of Age and Leisure? An Exploratory Analysis”, Global Journal of Management & Marketing, 3 (1), 22-40.

  • AlWugayan, Adel and Larry P. Pleshko (2018), “Do Buyers Act Their Age in Coffee Shops? A Comparison of Cognitive Age and Chronological Age Using Age- Differences”, Arab Journal of Administrative Sciences, 25 (2), 281-306.

  • Pleshko, Larry P., Richard A. Heiens, and Adel AlWugayan (2018), “Chronological Age vs. Cognitive Age: An Examination of Lifecycle and Gender Differences”, Middle East Journal of Management, 5 (2), 161-172.

  • Richard A. Heiens, Majdi Quitainah, and Larry P. Pleshko (2018), “The Miles & Snow Typology Groups:  A Comparison of Services and Manufacturing Samples”, Arab Journal of Administrative Science, 25 (1), 121-138.

  • Pleshko, Larry P., Ahmed Abdulrahman, and Awad AlZufairi (2017), “Investigating Time-in-Market Effects in Kuwait Health Clubs”, International Journal of Managerial Studies and Research, 5 (11), 1-8 (

  • Heiens, Richard A. and Larry P. Pleshko (2017), “An Empirical Validation of the Methodology for Measuring Self-Perceived Age in the Middle Eastern Market”, International Journal of Social Sciences, 3 (2), 495-511.

  • Heiens, Richard A., Larry P. Pleshko, & Abdullah AlDosari” (2016), “Using Direct Observation to Examine the Relationship between Religion, Demographics, and Consumption in a Middle Eastern Retail Services Setting”, Journal of International Consumer Marketing, (, 28, 1-9

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