Phd & Master Thesis


Name of Students

Project Title Year of Intake
Gowtham Solar Thermal Driven Co-generation cooling by single effect absorption chiller & pure water by membrane desalination 2014
Alexander Asberger Implementation / characterization of Fresnel mirrors for SI module 2013
Alejandro Baeza Design of Zero energy house in UAE 2013
Muhammad Asim Water desalination by Membrane diffusion 2013
Hassam Rehman Design of thermo hydraulic system to test receivers for CSP modules 2013
Gorkem Soyumer Mini PV power plant & mini SOLAB grid 2013
Pranav Patel Implementation/ Characterization of receiver for SI 2013
Ssembatya Martin Solar Cooling System Performance Evaluation 2012
Alireza Shantia Low Cost / High Performance Linear Fresnel Receiver Design for CSP Applications 2012
Kyle A. Hoppe Identification and Performance Test of Reflective and Solar Insulating Materials for Energy Efficient Buildings in The United Arab Emirates Conditions 2012
Karim Naser & Omar Ali Computational Design Optimization of the solar Islands in the United Arab Emirates 2011
Saeed Mohammed Wazed Optimising the solar concentration ratio of a Linear Fresnel Reflector module by appropriate integration of a secondary reflector system 2011
Raphael Roth Effect of Soiling on Performances of Crystalline Silicon PV Modules Deployed In an Arid Climate in Relation to FrontGlass Texture and Treatment 2011
Muhd Iqbal Zakaria Design of Low Cost and HighPerformance Solar Tracker for Fresnel Type Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Collector Module 2011
Ahmet Ozturk Sensitivity of Energy Yield of CSP Systems with Fresnel Mirrors to Structural Parameters 2011
Arivenda Nagara Low Capacity Direct Steam Generation CSP System Design and Economic Analysis 2011
Michael T. Blanding Design of a Test Facility to QuantifyEnergy Saving of Building Materials in Energy Saving of Building Materials in UAE conditions 2011
Ghulam Mujtaba Effect Of Pcm In Enhancement of Thermal Inertia of An Air Conditioned Space 2011
Prageeth D. Rathnasooriya Design of Renewable Energy Powered Solar Cool Research Centre 2011
W. C.S. Perera District Cooling for Al Hamra Village in Ras Al Khaimah-UAE 2011
Mustafa Kaya PV-T hybrid Collector Characterization 2011
Kassa Wudineh Liyew Passive Energy Efficiency Technology forAl Hamra Mall Al Hamra Mall 2010
Fredrick Amanyire Active Energy Efficiency Technology Solution For Al Hamra Mall 2010
Sujata Dahal Feasibility Study of Membrane Distillation System Driven by Gas Turbine Exhaust Heat 2010