High Precision Solar Tracking Platform (Solar island)


RAK research and Innovation Center has one the world’s first high precision solar tracking platform which can be used for concentrating solar panels. The platform floats on a cushion of air and is equipped with state of art rotating systems to track the movement of the sun in the order of 10-2. This platform has been tested for the load rotation test and it can take up to 150 tons of loads distributed over its top. This high precision structure is study various technology requiring high precision tracking for the optimum energy production. This platform has the potential to be deployed on land or offshore. Both versions are based on the principle of a torus floating on water and rotating to track the sun’s azimuth, thus ensuring optimal use of primary solar radiation received on earth. Solar radiation being concentrated can be used in solar thermal processes or photovoltaic applications.


  • Solar tracking platform provide a unique way to supply large quantities of energy at a very competitive costs.
  • Limited civil engineering work is required. Materials used for the production process are mainly steel, plastic and mirrors.
  • The sun tracking is achieved by a simple rotation of the whole island, thus avoiding the costs of motorizing each panel.
  • Concentrating solar panels used on the island are extra-flat and therefore are not wind sensitive.