Solar Cooling


Absorption chilling is a technology driven by thermal energy to provide building air conditioning. In recent years, it is gaining much attention due to its uniqueness to utilize solar thermal energy and low grade waste heat liberated by industries.

RAK research and innovation center is been focusing on research activities in the field of solar cooling for past five years. The research facility has successfully installed two absorption chillers and successfully analyzed its performance. The facility is equipped with 3.5kW Rotatica absorption chiller and 35 kW Yazaki single stage absorption chiller pilot plants with a rated COP of 0.5 and 0.7 respectively. The absorption chiller plants are driven by evacuated tube collector field with a gross area of 130 m2. The system is fully operational to provide air conditioning to office cabins.

Several research works were conducted rigorously and documented in form of master student theses, research internships, conference proceedings and journal publication. The solar cooling facility has assisted in successful completion of 5 master theses and 4 research internships for the master students from Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. We have also presented our research works in international conference platforms in Solar heating and cooling conference held in Germany, Eurosun held in France, Renewable energy congress held in London etc.

In terms of technology, there are three different types of absorption chillers available. The selection is based on several parameters like operating temperatures, COP, area availability etc. There are several renowned manufacturers available in Japan, UK, India and USA. Selection of the absorption chillers is further based on type of working fluid, placement, application and economics.

Type Operating temperature COP
Single effect 70-90 °C 0.7-0.5
Double effect 110-140 °C 1.4-1.1
Triple effect 160 °C 2-1.8