Solar Mini Grid


The off-grid electricity demand of research centers in Ras Al Khaimah research innovation center solar open air laboratory (SOLAB) is 95500kWh/yr., which was being supplied by a central diesel generator and multiple stand-alone photovoltaic power plants. Optimization and centralization of solar energy production was required to reduce the consumption of diesel. To meet this requirement of centralized solar energy, a very accurate load profiling of each center was generated using algorithm.

Figure 1: Annual Load Profile for Solab

The design of hybrid PV mini grid was carried out using HOMER. A 59kWp hybrid mini grid was commissioned at SOLAB. The designed system is estimated to reduce the diesel consumption by 95% and thus implying a payback time of 2.7 years and reducing 144 tons of annual carbon emission from SOLAB.

Figure 2: Solar Hybrid Minigrid