Weather Station


Measurement of weather databases are key to any research project conceived on solar thermal/cooling research center. At present, the solar energy team of RAKRIC, in its ongoing research on solar Thermal/Cooling, is primarily dependent on weather databases that are measured on SOLAB our outdoor research facility. As most of the research prototype experimental set up have been installed and will be installed in future at outdoor facility. Most of the projects need validation with experimental set up. Sometimes, a particular set of sensors are procured and installed for a particular project at the project site. These set ups are usually build in the vicinity of existing solar cooling/thermal center. The weather data for main weather station is logged in real time for the past seven years.

The research center is equipped with a main solar radiation Weather station, along with multiple dedicated weather stations for different projects.

  • Main Solar radiation Weather Station
  • Solar cooling Weather Station
  • Solar Calorimetric Weather station
  • Dust Accumulation test Weather Station