Business Opportunities

Sustainable System Solution

Our organization encourages a partnership approach in sourcing and transferring innovative technologies in the field of renewable energies to clients in emerging markets of MENA region. We utilize emerging technologies for developing innovative renewable energy solutions and conduct our business according to sustainable and conscientious business practices. What is important to us is

  • To play a key role in deploying new technologies in emerging markets
  • To contribute to a cleaner and sustainable world
  • To focus on cooperation and mutual benefit
  • To be profitable on the basis of fairness and respect
  • To encourage a positive and constructive environment

ISO 50001

As energy costs are rising within your organization, it means that you simply can’t afford to ignore seeking better ways to manage this vital part of your organizatio’s activities. It makes sound financial sense and ever increasing environmental sense.

The international standard ISO 50001 Energy Management is regarded by many as the best practice framework to manage your energy performance and address your energy costs. It can also help you to reduce your environmental impact and meet emissions reductions targets.

RAK Research and Innovation Center will help you to achieve savings in your organization by introducing and adapting ISO 50001 Energy Management System, as an international standard outlining the best management practices for achieving energy efficiency. Our experts will transfer their knowledge in ISO 50001 to your organization, they will be the best partner to demonstrate how ISO 50001 drives technical and behavioral practices in pursuit of improved energy performance and how it provides a structured approach towards measuring and monitoring how much energy you use.

Project Management

Ras Al Khaimah Research and Innovation Center has a long standing history of successfully executing clean energy projects at our solar laboratory. These projects implemented are either generated internally or for industrial and academic partners to address wide range of issues including techno economical feasibility study, quality validation, parameter testing for UAE environment such as efficiency, performance of certain products that are not yet tested in these harsh weather conditions. All the projects were executed in the timely manner. Several pilot projects have been implemented to focus on the integration of innovative design ideas in the field of solar technology.

Completed/ Ongoing Projects:

  1. Solar Hybrid Minigrid: This is one of the first installations in UAE taking into account the Solar Hybrid Energy generation of 59kWp power which was exclusively designed and implemented in RAKRIC. This project was executed in collaboration with SMA and JinkoSolar.
  2. Solar Water Desalination: This is an ongoing project at RAKRIC in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology for developing the sustainable solution for water purification and domestic hot water generation for single family household in the region.
  3. Effect of Dust on PV: RAKRIC is in collaboration with Flamco Middle East and EmiratesSolarSun for an ongoing project for Flamco mounting structure to study the effect of temperature and dust on PV panels on their mounting structure to access the yield.
  4. Solar Thermal Polygeneration: RAKRIC has been collaborating with SCARAB development AB., for efficient integration of Solar Thermal Systems with absorption chiller and membrane distillation water purification technology for simultaneous production of cooling, pure water and hot water for domestic use.