Solar Systems Testing


Photovoltaic (PV) System Integration

We are specialized consultants for Off-grid, On-grid and Hybrid (PV+ Diesel generators) Photovoltaic projects which can be small-scale or utility scale developments. We provide expertise by giving service in the form of:

  • Feasibility Studies: We provide the best option for the client by evaluating the available facilities-land use, finance and optimization of existing installation to integrate and install a solar PV system. We also provide preliminary estimates for project development and running costs.
  • Technological Assessment/Design & Engineering:We have a team of experienced professionals to provide best solutions through detailed and optimized engineering design and technology selection for each components as well as complete system. The solutions are not only efficient but also minimizes maintenance and operation costs with flexibility to integrate solar systems to existing installations- like Hybrid PV system integrating Solar PV with Diesel genset.
  • Project Management:We are highly professionals in project management of PV systems and capable of managing the execution right from the feasibility study through selections of components, identifying the best suppliers and contractors, procurements, installation and commissioning. We believe in providing unique solutions for each clients based on needs and available resources.
  • Post Installation Services:Our driving objective is to provide not only the best PV system installation but also the smooth running of the PV plants especially at Utility-scale through long-term post installation services.

Solar Thermal Services

RAK Research and innovation center provides expert solutions to solar thermal projects for both residential and commercial buildings. As a research center, we provide innovative energy efficient solutions to meet your requirements. Our services in solar thermal field include both testing new solar thermal collectors for external partners and developing commercial project. We provide have wide range of expertise in solar thermal field ranging from solar hot water systems, solar thermal desalination solutions, solar cooling systems and polygeneration.

  • Solar hot water system:For residential consumers, RAK research center provides an exciting solution to reduce electricity and fuel costs by implementing domestic hot water system for day to day applications. The system is sustainable, avoids carbon emissions and cost effective. Research center will design and size the system based on customers requirements.
  • Solar Desalination:The Research center provides unique commercial and residential solution to avoid bottled water consumption with scalable solar membrane desalination system to fit the consumer’s demands. The research center also provides an innovative cogeneration solution to produce both clean water and domestic hot water for residential consumers.
  • Solar Cooling:Apart from heating solutions, RAK research and innovation center provides much needed solar building air conditioning solution. Solar cooling systems utilizes both concentrated and non concentrated solar collector to drive absorption chillers to achieve the required cooling. This system is ideal for office buildings, hotels and other large commercial building. The center provides services like designing, procurement and complete installation of system based on the requirement.
  • Solar process heating:The RAK Research and Innovation center can provide sustainable solution to industries for production of high temperature process steam using concentrated solar power technology. The center can provide complete assistance in designing, installation and commissioning of the steam production facility.