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AURAK Graduate Student Aisha El Allam continues her research at George Mason University, USA.

AURAK School of Engineering graduates continue to demonstrate the value of their AURAK degrees by successfully entering top-tier international institutions for their post-graduate studies.  Over the past year AURAK graduates have successfully progressed their academic journey in institutions such as Concordia University, Stockholm University, Dundee University, The University of Kent and The University of Calgary.  One such graduate, Aisha El Allam, is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in System Engineering at George Mason University, Virginia, USA. 

“I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in System Engineering at George Mason University, Virginia. My capstone project consisted of designing the concept of operations of the small satellite named MeznSat, along with programming its prototype via an Arduino Board. The project gave me a bold overview of aerospace concepts and opened doors to new opportunities in the fields of research and software engineering. Perhaps what prepared me the most for my graduate studies is the work I did for MeznSat at ICONET while studying at AURAK. Through this time phase I was able to gain different perspectives of a complex system, namely by putting my hands on a real-life system, a small satellite. With each graduate course so far, I was able to recall my experience with MeznSat and apply it to the course work and system concepts. For instance, risk assessment and management, system lifecycle phases, and system requirements are all concepts I applied firsthand on MeznSat, which I am currently studying in more depth in my graduate courses.

As for the future, I’m inclined by a passion to benefit the community by advocating for and creating space programs for the younger generations in the MENA region. My advice for current AURAK students is to choose their capstone project wisely and not go along with anything for the sake of graduating quickly. If you’re not sure what to choose, seek advice from the professors and the chair of your department, because they have many years of experience and can connect you with other professionals who are willing to help.”

At AURAK we will be keenly following Aisha’s career, and the other School of Engineering students who are continuing their studies at the highest level, and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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