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Acknowledge. Challenge. Transform. ACT: Developing Empathetic Leadership

Prof. Lee Waller, Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Dr. Sharon Waller, Dr. Alexandria Proff

As part of the Steven’s Initiative and in collaboration with The Aspen Institute, Washington D.C., AURAK is proud to be participating in ACT: Developing Empathetic Leadership.  The study seeks to prepare participants with the knowledge and skills required to acknowledge various forms of individual biases, in order that they can be challenged and participants may transform into empathetic individuals ready to contribute to positive change and promote global tolerance.

Participants from the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and the United States of America will collaboratively participate in a virtual exchange program designed to train young adults in bias, bias-reduction, and empathy leading towards better intercultural understanding and tolerance.

Participants will be provided with an opportunity to:

  • Learn about bias from leadership experts
  • Interact and network with people from around the world
  • Practice real-world strategies that can help reduce bias
  • Understand the science behind empathy and how the human brain interprets emotion
  • Collaborate with international teammates to create a project that benefits diverse communities
  • Collectively present a project at a culminating event that showcases all teams’ final product videos

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