AURAK Faculty Publications

AURAK faculty actively engage in research throughout the year and in this Section, we look at the recent faculty publications which may be of interest to other academics.  If you have similar research interests to our faculty, please contact our Office of Research and Community Service ( who can connect you with the relevant faculty member.

Author 1: Dr. Fayez Moutassem
Author 2: Dr. Issam Miqdadi
Paper Title: Sustainability-model Approach for Chloride Permeability based on Concrete Mixture

Author 1: Dr. Hussain Attia
Author 2: Dr. Khaled Hossin
Paper Title: Hybrid Technique for an Efficient PV System through Intelligent MPPT and Water Cooling Process

Author: Dr. Kutbettin Kilic
Paper Title: Negotiating the Meaning of Kurdishness: The Construction of a Secular Kurdish Identity Perception by Kurdish Political and Intellectual Elites in Turkey

Author: Dr. Muataz Al Hazza
Paper Title: Analysis of Kerf Accuracy in Dry Micro-wire EDM

Author: Dr. Maissa Farhat
Paper Title: Robust High Order Sliding Mode Control for Performance Improvement of PEM Fuel Cell Power Systems

Author: Dr. Fayez Moutassem
Paper Title: Ultra-lightweight eps concrete: Mixing Procedure and Predictive Models for Compressive Strength

Author 1: Dr. Hussain Attia
Author 2: Dr. Saad Balhasan
Paper Title: Design of Computerized Monitoring and Processing System for Magnetic Field Controlling against the Phenomenon of Black Powder in Crude Oil Pipelines

Author: Dr. Atif Butt
Paper Title: Knowledge Hiding in a Buyer-Supplier Relationship: A Pilot Study

Author: Dr. Haileslasie Tadele
Paper Title: CEO Power and Bank Risk in the UAE

Author: Dr. Hussain Attia
Paper Title: New Design and Implementation of a Solar Car of the American University of Ras Al Khaimah: Electrical Vision

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