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Library Services

Library Services

SAQR library is open to all students, faculty and staff, as well as to the RAK nationals and RAK business community.Access to collections, circulation of library materials, reference assistance and consultation, and library instruction are the core services offered to AURAK students, faculty and staff. In addition, the local community may avail of the reference and information services offered by the library including document delivery, photocopying, and scanning. In such instances, an ID is required for statistical purposes only.



Borrowing privileges are provided to all registered students and currently employed faculty and staff. A University ID card is required to check-out circulating items. ID cards are issued by the University IT Department. Periodical issues, reference books and some audiovisual materials do not circulate outside the library.

1.1.1.      Loan periods

Faculty may borrow up to 20 items with one-semester loan period. Students may borrow up to 10 items for three week period. These may be renewed up to two times for both faculty and students. Staff and community borrowers may check out up to three items for three weeks. Videos, CDs, DVDs are limited to 3 items of each type and can be borrowed for three days.

1.1.2.      Renewals

Circulating items may be renewed online or at the library Circulation Desk. The borrowers may renew items twice in succession unless the item has been requested by another user.

1.1.3.      Recalls

Library users may recall any checked out item after a minimum of one week, regardless of the borrower’s status and standard loan period. They receive recall notices by e-mail and must return the item to the circulation desk by the revised due date to avoid fines. Any item checked out and needed for Reserve, will also be recalled

Type of Item Patron Status Loan Period Recall Renewals
Circulating Book Student/Staff 3 weeks After 1 week 2
Circulating Book Faculty 16 weeks After 2 weeks 2
Audio-visual item Student/Staff/Faculty 3 days After 2 days
Periodical Student/Staff/Faculty Item does not circulate
Reference Book Student/Staff/Faculty Item does not circulate*

*Note: Faculty may borrow non-circulating items for class use or development in coordination with the library. 

1.1.4.      Fines

All borrowers pay overdue fines for late return of the borrowed items. The fine is calculated from the day following the due date and includes the day of return. Days on which the Library is closed are not counted. Current overdue fines are:

AED 5.00 per day per item (circulating and reserved material)
*Note: Fines will be activated when the total enrollment of students exceeds 1000.

1.1.5.      Lost and/or Damaged Items

Library users are responsible for items checked out from the general or reserve collections. They must pay any fees associated with overdue, lost or damaged materials. Replacement fines for lost or damaged library materials are the actual price of the material.

1.1.6.      Book Returns

All checked out library materials must be returned only to the Library Circulation Desk.

1.1.7.      Restricted Privileges

Students with unpaid overdue fines in excess of AED 150.00 and/or with more than 2 overdue items are placed on a ‘Restricted Privileges’ list. “Restricted Privileges” prevent a student from graduating, registering for classes, or obtaining official University transcripts. Once the student has returned all overdue items and/or paid all outstanding library fines or fees, the library will release the student from restriction.


Reserves are class reading assignments and materials temporarily placed on limited circulation by faculty for student use. Reserve items in print form are kept behind the Reserve Desk. Loan periods for these materials are established by the library in cooperation with the professor and are generally for two hour stays in the library. 


The Library provides reference help for all students, faculty, staff and library visitors. Patrons are encouraged to contact the Librarian on duty for help in using reference services and sources, particularly the online resources. AURAK reference services include:

  • Assistance with answers to specific questions or provision of resources or methods to obtain information needed.
  • Assistance in the use of library information tools and resources including print, audio, audio-visual, and electronic-based resources.
  • Assistance with evaluation criteria regarding quality and reliability of Information sources. – Assistance in the verification and construction of bibliographic citations.
  • Directions for locating library materials and services
  • Assistance with and/or instruction in the use of related library services (e.g., circulation, document delivery services, reserves).
  • Email Reference service
  • Referrals to other libraries and information sources

Saqr Library provides a general orientation to all new faculty and students during the start of every semester and as needed. It includes a library tour and an overview of resources, services and facilities. Through this activity, students and faculty are given the opportunity to become familiar with different library resources, services, and policies as well as the general rules and regulations of the library. Participation raises awareness among students and faculty of a wide array of information services and related academic services.

Aside from library orientation, librarians also provide individual or group library instruction. Frequently, the library receives requests from faculty members for library instruction for individual classes. During such instructional sessions, the librarian emphasizes database and catalog access and usage.


Students can use the networked printer located at the Circulation Desk with their computer account provided by the IT Department. The library also provides a coin-operated self-service photocopier which can be used for photocopying purposes.


Workstations within the library have internet access, as well as access to common productivity software applications. In addition to Internet access via the computer laboratory, the library offers wireless Internet access to facilitate the use of laptops.


The library provides services and accommodations for users with disabilities. The library facilities are well organized to ensure that all users including those who have disabilities are able to conveniently access and use the library resources and services easily and directly. The main entrance of the library is designed to accommodate wheelchair access. A Comfort Room, specially designed for patrons with disabilities, is also available in the library. The library has established an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), and subscribed to electronic resources (eBooks and E-journals) which could be accessed remotely from outside the campus by those who have difficulties or challenges visiting the library. With Document Delivery Services, library staff may scan a book chapter or journal article and send it via e-mail for those who are not able to visit or attend the library. These services are free for all patrons with or without disabilities. In addition, the Library staff are readily available to assist users with disabilities in locating library materials, conducting library search, and in using computers and other facilities available in the library.

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