AURAK Residential Halls Procedures: Moving In and Moving Out


The RHAA will generally make Residences available for occupancy

1 day prior to the start of the session. As far as possible, the occupancy date will be based on the academic calendars of respective universities and institutions. Residence staff is available to show you your room, answer questions, and help you to settle in.

Room Condition and Inventory Report (RCIR)

During the occupancy period, residents are responsible for any damage to their room, including furnishings. The Room Condition Report (RCR) is an inventory listing the contents of the room and the condition of each item. This will be kept on file. Prior to occupancy, the resident and RA together will assess the inventory and condition which will be noted on the RCR. The resident and RA will then sign the form. Residents shall pay for any damages to the furniture and equipment in their rooms.

Damages towards HALLS assets, cost shall be recovered from the residents as per actual.

Room Assignment

Based on single or double occupancy, room assignments are made by your Residence Administrator. The RA will make every fair and reasonable effort to accommodate your preferences. Once rooms are assigned, residents are not allowed to switch rooms without prior consent from the RA.


The RHAA will base the check-out date as per the session (Fall / Spring / Summer). In general, residents should complete check-out procedures no later than two days after session. To ensure a smooth check-out, follow these procedures:

  1. Contact your RA and pre-arrange a convenient check-out time Your RA will conduct an inventory and inspection based on your Room Condition and Inventory Report (RCIP).
  2. Hand over your room in the same condition as it was when you moved in.
  3. Give your key to the RA.

Session closing dates will be posted on the notice boards.

Only residents whose homes are outside the UAE are, in exceptional cases, allowed to stay in the Residences during the winter semester break (December/January), with the permission of their parents.

For booking room Reservation Fees need to be paid and keeping luggage FULL FEES has to be paid before leaving for vacation, HALLS management is not responsible for left over luggage.

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