AURAK Residential Halls Rules & Regulations

The RHAA is committed to promoting an atmosphere that is supportive of learning, and to protecting the resident community from conduct that is harmful and unacceptable, as per the UAE Laws and the general social environment in the Emirate.

In addition to Residential Halls code of conduct, residents are required to follow all national and local laws, as well as the customs of the United Arab Emirates.

Behavior that is unacceptable according to the UAE Laws, culture, and society, will not be tolerated in the Residential Halls and Common Areas including Food Court and surrounding outside spaces. This behavior includes, but is not limited to: trespassing into female Residential Hall by Male Residents and vice versa, kissing, hugging, and other displays of physical affection in public, sexual harassment, insulting or suggestive remarks, inappropriate ways of dressing, hazing / ragging, insulting gestures or language towards personnel conducting their duties, and willful destruction of property. Any other behavior or activity of a potentially criminal nature will result in the Law Enforcement Authorities being involved.

Residence Timings

On weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) all residents utilizing the halls shall be back in the residences not later than 10:00pm.

On weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) all student residents shall be back by 11:00pm.

Residence timings are applicable equally on both the male and female residents, and no extension will be allowed for any student.

Letter of NOC – student who wish to stay out at night, they have to submit NOC with date, time, period and semester mentioning clearly, signed by parents, these letter is valid for one full semester (No Objection Certificate)

Room Allotment:

Room allotment in each Residential Hall and bed allotment in the shared rooms will be done by the RA. His/her decision shall be final in this regard.

Entry to Female Residence:

Male residents are not allowed to enter female residence area.

Entry to Male Residence:

Female residents are not allowed to enter male residence area.

Common Areas like Basement, Open Premises in the Campus:

Violent or indecent behavior in Common Areas will not be tolerated. Male and Female Residents are not allowed to be together in Common Areas. Residents should wear decent and appropriate clothes when they are in Common Areas.


In the event of a health and safety emergency or a perceived violation of a Residence rule or regulation, the Residence Administrator or Security personnel may enter a room without the presence or prior permission of the resident. The entry will be documented by the RA or Security.

Alcohol and Drugs

The possession and use of prohibited drugs and/or alcohol violates UAE law and is strictly forbidden at Residential Halls. This may result in the police being involved.


Smoking and shisha is not allowed in the Residential Halls, Common Areas and the surrounding outside premises of the Residential Halls. If any resident violates fines will be levied as follows: first time violation warning letter + 5 violation points, second time violation AED 500 + 5 violation points, and third time violation AED 1000 + 10 violation points. Any further violation will lead to dismissal from the residency.

Note: 5% VAT will be applicable.


Gambling or bookmaking in the Student Residences is prohibited by UAE law.

Hazing / Ragging

No Resident is allowed to haze / rag mentally or physically any other Resident. Any violation will be viewed very seriously.

Prohibited Audio-Visual / Cyber Content

Any audio-visual materials of an obscene including pornographic or offensive nature are not permitted in the Student Residences. Viewing / downloading of restricted / prohibited materials and contents are not permitted. This includes any materials that violate copyright laws.

Contact with Media and Public / Blogging / Spreading negative publicity

All residents are encouraged to sort out any issues with RA. Any grievances of the residents will be addressed by the RHOC and RHAA. Residents are advised to refrain from contacting media or any public agencies or blog in cyberspace, which will have a negative image on the Residence Halls.


No laundry or other items can be hung over balconies. Household items must not be stored in balconies. For your own safety, sitting or climbing on the edge of balcony railings is not permitted. Do not throw anything from the balcony and proper dress code should be maintained while residents are present on balconies.


Hygienic surroundings are the foundation of a healthy living environment. Residents are expected to keep their rooms and common areas clean. Administrators have the right to inspect rooms from time to time to check on cleanliness. If a room is considered to be dirty you may incur violation points.

Cleaning Services

In order to maintain healthy and hygienic standards, RHAA will provide a free of charge room cleaning services between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM only. It is the responsibility of the residents to make sure that their rooms are adequately prepared for the cleaning service. Cleaners are not allowed to do any cleaning for the residents on a personal basis. Cleaning service will be provided for all common areas of the residences.

Laundry Service

Residential Halls will provide a coin operative washing and drying machines.


Residents are expected to comply with and respond truthfully to reasonable requests from any housing, security, or campus officials when conducting Residence duties.


Furniture is the property of AURAK Residential Halls and it should not be shifted from the original location where it’s placed. Furniture placed in rooms and common areas is for the use of residents and should be maintained well.

Locks and Lost Keys

Residents are not permitted to replace locks on their doors. If you fail to return your keys as required at check out and if you lose your key, the lock and cylinder will be changed and you will be charged 200 AED. At the end of every semester main door and wardrobe keys should be handed over to RA.

Note: 5% VAT will be applicable.


Student rooms are regularly maintained and repaired. You should report maintenance and related problems as soon as they occur to the Residence Administrator. Maintenance request forms are available from the Residence Administrator. Only written requests will be accepted for routine maintenance work.

In the event of an emergency such as broken water pipes, electricity failure, serious plumbing problems, ice formation in the fridge etc., the RA can be contacted at any time.

All maintenance related issues students shall contact the Resident Administrators only; they are not supposed to approach any other Department whatsoever.

Multi-Cultural Tolerance

The Residential Halls have a multi-cultural environment where respect for others is actively encouraged. Racist, linguistic, religious, or sexual insults, even as a joke, are not acceptable.

Notice Board Posting

Residents need the prior approval of the Residence Administrator before posting information on notice boards.

Parking & Usage of Basement Area

Basement Parking is free of cost. Basement Parking is allowed only for HALLS residents and parents.

Basement shall be used only for parking the car. Residents shall not be found loitering or smoking or indulge in any other activities in the basement area. Female residents shall park in the area earmarked for female residents parking and male residents shall strictly park in the area earmarked for them.

Male residents are prohibited from entering the female parking area. Any resident found indulging in indecent and obscene conduct / activities in the basement area including inside the cars shall be dealt with severe punishment including dismissal.

Ground parking between the HALLSs would be charged 450 AED per semester on first come, first served basis (5% VAT will be applicable). Any unpaid vehicle owner found parking will be penalized.

Quiet Hours

In order to provide a peaceful and comfortable environment, the Residence Authorities have designated specific quiet hours between 12 midnight and 7am. During these hours, residents are required to be particularly sensitive to the needs of their roommates and neighbors. Noise of any nature should not be audible outside the confines of a room.


In compliance with its mission to provide a comfortable and safe living environment, the following safety and security features are offered:

  • 24 hour security guard service
  • CCTV cameras in public areas of the Residence complex
  • In-house Residence Administrators to provide safety and security for all student residents.


Short-term storage is available for residents’ possessions under certain circumstances. No large, decomposable, excessive, or illegal items will be stored. No items will be stored on behalf of non-residents. Residents may store items between semester breaks only on the condition that they will be returning to the residences and FULL HALLS Fees is paid. Items must be packed securely and clearly marked. The RA will determine the applicability of storing certain items.

RHAA will not be responsible for items left beyond the designated period. There will be an automatic penalty of 500 AED deducted from the security deposit. If items remain uncollected RHAA will dispose of them and any further costs incurred will be deducted from the remainder of the security deposit.


Possessing stolen property, including Residence Hall-owned property, is considered a crime and will be dealt with accordingly. Unauthorized use of account/password information, identity information, computers, Residence Hall services, equipment, and/or card access is considered as theft. All incidents of perceived. Theft or missing items must be reported to the RA immediately. If necessary, the Law Enforcement Authorities will be contacted.

In the event any Resident loses any of his/her personal belongings / valuables, he/she may bring it to the notice of the RA. The matter will be thoroughly enquired and efforts will be made to resolve the issue. If required, Law Enforcement Authorities will also be involved. However, Residents are advised not to contact the Law Enforcement Authorities directly.

RHAA and its Residential Halls staff will not be responsible for missing items. Residents are strongly advised not to keep large amounts of cash and valuables such as jewelry in the rooms.

Trash Removal

Residents utilizing in the residences will properly dispose of domestic garbage in designated trash locations. i.e Garbage Chute

Visitors’ hours

Visiting hours are between 10:00 am to – 10:00 pm. Student residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests. All guests must sign in at the security desk by the resident. Only visitors of the same gender as their resident host are allowed in the respective residence. Under no circumstances can guests enter the rooms. Residents shall meet the visitors in the lobby of the Residential Halls or the Common Area. Friends are not permitted to be taken to rooms.

General Residence Etiquette

  • Be friendly and helpful to one another
  • Show sensitivity and interest in the lifestyles and practices of people from other cultures
  • Keep noise at minimum levels; even less during designated quiet hours
  • Practice good hygiene habits; throw trash out regularly, and keep kitchen and bathroom areas clean at all times
  • Do not disturb the Resident Assistant after midnight unless it is an emergency.
  • Verbal or physical abuse of RAs will not be tolerated.
  • Student residents are required to show their ID card to RA’s and Security Guards upon request

Appliances and Items prohibited in the Residences

Many of the items listed below are either prohibited, or safety hazards that may cause fires or damage to property. Do not bring any of these items into the Student Residences:

  • Illegal drugs, and drug use related items (e., pipe, shisha)
  • Alcohol
  • Any other substance banned in the UAE
  • Firearms; weapons
  • Fireworks; explosives
  • Fuels and other inflammable items
  • Incense, candles, oil-lamps, lit or unlit
  • Electrical appliances with an exposed heating element,
  • T.V., Outside antennas and satellite dishes
  • All cooking appliances including hot plates, stoves etc., except coffee makers and microwaves or those already provided. If in doubt, check with your RA
  • Pets or any other live animal
  • Private Telephone and Internet connection
  • Personnel routers not allowed inside the HALLS

RHAA may add other items to the above list as and when deemed necessary. Residents will be kept informed about the additions and amendments.

Facilities Provided in the Rooms

The following facilities are provided in each room:

  • Bed & Mattress – 2 no
  • Bedside Cabinet – 2 no
  • Study table with chair – 2 no
  • Wardrobe
  • Big Chairs – 2 no
  • Microwave – 1 no
  • Fridge – 1 no
  • Internet Points
  • Book Shelves
  • Curtains

The facilities in the rooms are subjected to be replaced / removed as and when required by the management.

Save Electricity and Power

Please set your room A/C Temperature between 20’C – 25’C

Please switch off the Water Heater, Lights, A/C and Electrical Appliances while leaving the room early morning and during your weekends OR if not been used, as these will save electricity and enhance the performance of Water Heater, Lights, A/c.


Fire Alarms

When the fire alarm sounds, residents must immediately evacuate the building, report to their predetermined evacuation site, and follow the instructions of Emergency personnel and/or the Resident Administrator.

Fire Drills

Fire drills will be conducted at least once a semester. You are required to follow the instructions of the RA’s during these drills.

Fire Safety

Misuse of fire-fighting equipment, raising false fire alarms, or tampering with smoke detectors or other fire safety equipment may endanger the entire student resident community. Use this equipment only in emergencies.


Each individual observing a few common-sense precautions contributes to a safe and secure place for all to live. Follow these brief suggestions:

  • Do not tamper or vandalize any fire alarm equipment.
  • Keep your key and Residence Hall ID card with you at all times.
  • Do not lend your key or your Residence Hall ID card to friend
  • Always lock your room.
  • Inform your roommate and the RA of your whereabout.
  • Do not leave personal property unattended.

Serious Health Emergencies

You should contact the Emergency Services and the RA immediately for medical emergencies. Ref. page 30.

For all other minor concerns, please contact the RA.

Misconduct (see also Violations)

Residents found violating Residence policies will be given violation points and fines. Each violation has a point value determined by the Residential Hall Authority Committee. A fuller explanation of the violation point system can be found below under Violations. Suitable enquiry will be conducted by the Disciplinary Committee wherever required. Resident will be given full and fair opportunity to present his/her case.

Violation Points and Explanation

Residents who break the Residence rules and regulations will be given violation points. These violation points accumulate over three sessions — Fall, Spring, and Summer. Generally, when a total of 10 violation points are reached the resident will be dismissed from the residences. Resident, student, and parents or guardians, will be notified of the dismissal in writing. The resident will not be allowed to re-apply to the residences until one full calendar year has passed. In some situations, a student may be permanently dismissed from the residences depending on the severity of the offence.

The Resident Administrator will keep records of all violation points in the student’s file. Each violation will be documented. The RA will notify student residents and parents each time violation points are added to their file. Violation points cannot be removed from a student’s record.

A Violation Points Chart is included in this package. Any other violations not addressed in the chart will be addressed by RHAA.


The Code of Conduct and other rules and regulations mentioned above are subject to change as the RHAA evolves and interacts with the Universities / institutions, residents, parents and others associated with the Residential Halls, over a period of time. Residents and others associated will be kept informed of amendments / additions to the above document.

Residents are requested to cooperate with RHAA to make the AURAK Residential Halls, an ideal place to stay.

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