Student Government Association


Student Government Association

The SGA represents the student body, provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate leadership and serves as a liaison between the students and the University administration. The SGA also plays an important role in planning and sponsoring student campus activities and events.

AURAK’s Student Government is led by five executive members: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Public Relations Officer. The President of the SGA (or designee) serves on the University Academic Affairs Council, Student Affairs Advisory Committee and Library Committee.

The SGA oversees AURAK’s student clubs and organizations. Membership in these clubs and organizations helps students make new friends and meet people with common interests while acquiring the important skills of leadership, team work, and event planning. The University encourages all students to establish or join clubs to explore or further their interests.

Spring 2019 AURAK Club Details

SGA Members

Babakura Muhammad

Babakura Muhammad


I go Babakura Muhammad by name; aka B.K, majoring in Petroleum Engineering. I have always believed in being part of achieving a positive change anywhere I find myself, which was one of the reasons why I am part of the SGA, to be a part of additive ventures, to prepare myself– TO BECOME A CHANGE AGENT!

Why did I opt for this position? Simply because I am convinced that to achieve my goals of causing a positive change, I must be part of a team or a body, thus my decision to go for the President position.  Coming together with like minds to initiate and brainstorm ideas and decisions together on behalf of the larger mass of students is inspiring, of course, part of it always feels heavy on me but when I remember their hopes and trust in me, it catapults me to do better. In addition, being of help to create an environment that values student’s talents and creativity is a passion of mine. I believe that everyone has something unique that he or she will excel in. Being a small part of a large association like the SGA that strives to support others in achieving their dreams will forever be an ongoing motivation for me to remain as A CHANGE AGENT!

Being a part of the SGA has surely impacted me as an individual and taught me so many lessons. Being part of such a diverse student body is of a great lesson within itself. Not to mention, learning how to set aside some of my personal time to commit to meet people, attend meetings and execute events is quite demanding and challenging but equally educating, for it pushes you to level-up, to be a better version of who you are and work towards whom you are really meant to be. As the President, I developed an understanding that everyone’s problem is your problem and supporting them to overcome it, is your goal, which further left me convinced to remain as A CHANGE AGENT!

Something that I really want students to know is that learning is not limited to the class. That there is so much waiting for them in the real world and that all their struggles are meant to make them stronger. That they should fail to learn, but never learn to fail, that they should be a cause for a better world by being A CHANGE AGENT!

Aysha Mohamad Mohamad

Aysha Mohamad Mohamad

Vice President

My name is Aysha Mohamad Mohamad, A third year biotechnology student. I chose this major because Being a scientist and solving global issues that we’ll face in the future is my dream. I believe that our generation will make changes in all fields.

The thing that motivated me to apply for this position is the vision of the UAE. Which focus more in development of YOUTH. And I have attended many of events and they keep calling us “Future leaders”. From applying to this position I can develop my leadership skills and also I can communicate with other students and share ideas together.

Actually I’m new in this position. But for me every challenge is a chance to improve yourself and this is my new challenge.

For some students the main reason for going to university is to get an academic qualification. This is true but I think that the social side of things and developing as a person are equally important.

Sofia Rahman

Sofia Rahman


I am Sofia Rahman, a second-year biotechnology student with a life-long aspiration of becoming a doctor. I always had a keen eye for biology, it fascinated and intrigued me how things work within us and how simply complex we are.

A life motto that I currently live and swear by is actually something my dad once told me. He said “I don’t work for the end goal, but I work to enjoy and savor the journey that leads to that goal” it is something that I highly believed in and value so much, I apply it nearly to everything that comes up in my life.

But I am happy to be part of the SGA by being the secretary, this position over the last semester has taught me so many things that I would not even be able to cross paths with if not for this position. Some of them were time management, the art of prioritization and knowing my university and my rights in the university, which helped me personally and to help other people. This position helped me aid people more than I could before.

The thing I advise students to do is participate in university activities, for example I have taken part in SGA others can go for sports, music, arts or even create their own field of enjoyment by creating a club. There is a place for everyone in our university, I advise everyone to find their place in our university, to create their personal space and cultivate it because I believe you do find and become able to distinguish between your likes and dislikes when you’re active in university.

Ahmed Mohamed

Ahmed Mohamed


My name is Ahmed Mohamed. I am 21 years old and I’m currently studying Architectural Engineering. I chose this major because I have always been fascinated by art since I was a little kid and I knew that I wanted to be an architect since I was 7 years old. Another reason why I chose this major is because I love anything that allows me to express myself in the form of art. A life motto that I always go by is “Have hopes but not expectations, always be grateful and more will come your way”.

I decided to apply for this position in the SGA because I believe that I can make a difference and help improve the way money is being spent. I believe that I can limit the amount of money that is being used to specific amount so that the SGA would always end up having and saving up more. Until now I haven’t really had any struggles adjusting to this position as I currently work a job in a bank so it is very convenient for me to be working as the SGA treasurer.

There’s a lot of things I hope to achieve by being in this position, the most important one as I have mentioned before is limiting the spending of money to a small amount so we can end up saving up for the coming years. Another thing is I’d like to help the students enjoy their time at the university by doing activities that don’t involve using a lot of money and that is something very important because I believe that some of the students hesitate to participate because of how some of the activities can be costly.

One thing I would advise students to do is to take part in as many events and activities as possible because one day they will look back and laugh at the good times that they had

Roai Abid

Roai Abid

The Public Relations Officer

Name is Roai Abid, the I being silent. I am an avid English lover hence the choice of my major, I am of Egyptian roots but I spent most of my adult life in different parts of India. I like to think of myself as a walking cloud of optimism and cheerfulness, both literally and metaphorically. I chose my current major because I simply grew up exploring myself and the world through English, a lot might think it is just a language but through my eyes, it is an entity to vivid to be limited by this word. A quote that really describes me as Roai is striving for what set your soul on fire, I won’t proceed to explain what it means to me, because it is a quote that I personally think is translated differently and carries different weights form one person to another.

A major motive behind why I applied for this position is my love for being a part of an intellectual setting, I kid you not when I say that I strive to find and make connections with individuals that uplift me and motivate me to become a better person. It is honestly an understatement to say that my idea of the SGA team was exactly how I expected it to be. I believe it is an experience everyone should get to live, to be surrounded by a group of students that strive for the well-being of others is just incredible

A lesson that I joined this team ready to learn is to take risks, to risk finding how can I balance my time between my studies and to take full responsibility of what my position required me to do. Oh silly me, I am the public relations officer Aka. Roai the PRO at your service. I am still in the process of learning the attributes to achieving this impeccable balance but it is something I will surely come out with after this experience.

Something that I advise all student to do is to be themselves, honestly, I can’t stress how important it is to remain who you are and to stand to your grounds even if the whole world is against you, carry who you are with pride and no shame. You’re a unique one piece, limited edition individual so flaunt it and don’t let no one dull your shine.

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