Department of Internships, Career Development & Alumni Affairs

The Department of Internship, Career Development & Alumni Affairs serves as the primary contact for AURAK students to engage with potential employers, either through an internship or through permanent employment after graduation. Services are available from the point of entry into the University through to graduation. Services are designed to help students reach their full potential.

Our Mission:

The Department of Internship, Career Development & Alumni Affairs supports the University mission by promoting students’ successful academic progress and adjustment, and by providing degree-seeking students and alumni with individual career guidance and assistance in job placement.

Our Functions and Services:


Students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs in the School of Engineering, School of Business, School of Arts & Sciences are required to complete an internship. This internship places students in a business environment and is undertaken for six weeks during the academic year. Undergraduate students must plan for this internship during their third year immediately prior to the semester in which they intend to do their internship.

The internship program establishes a three-way partnership agreement among the American University of Ras Al Khaimah, an approved employment site, and the intern, whereby the latter receives work experience under the supervision and guidance of a qualified professional.  Supervised internship experiences provide an opportunity for students to synthesize, transfer, and apply learning gained through previous study and practice to all phases of the employer’s operation.

The overall goal of the internship program is to expose students to the working environment and to provide the means for each student to mature both personally and professionally, as well as to further their appreciation and understanding of day-to-day work in their chosen field of study.

More information about the internship program can be found in the AURAK Undergraduate Internship Manual available with the Department of Internships, Career Development & Alumni Affairs.

Career Development Services 

AURAK is committed to providing students with a wide range of career services. Students visit with a career counselor who can assist in self-awareness exploration (values, skills, abilities and personal style), career exploration (job descriptions, educational requirements, salary range, and advancement possibilities), employability skills (writing a cover letter, curriculum vitae/résumé, interview skills and employee decorum) and employment placement.  Students access job listings, internship opportunities, and career fairs in the department.

Available Services include:

  • Career resource library
  • Paper based tools for self-assessment
  • Learning and study skills resources
  • Information on career options and employment trends
  • Awareness of required skills and competencies
  • General job skills advice and training resources
  • Resume and cover letter writing assistance
  • Interview preparation resources
  • Work-place etiquette and techniques resources
  • Website links for potential employment opportunities
  • Internship placement assistance
  • Campus employment opportunities 

Alumni Affairs

The Department of Internship, Career Development & Alumni Affairs strengthens and guides relationships of the alumni with the University.  The department cultivates lifelong partnerships and facilitates interactions between alumni and the University community. The Department also pursues philanthropic support to enable AURAK to attain its goals.  Several events and opportunities are provided to the alumni to remain connected with the University.

The AURAK Alumni Association reconnects alumni with the University with the aim of exchanging experiences and providing role models for current students. The Alumni Association focuses on building life-long relationships between the University and its alumni through programs, activities, communications, networking and other services.

Our People:

Students are strongly encouraged to visit the Department of Internship, Career Development & Alumni Affairs during their first year at AURAK. Junior and senior students should visit the Department at least twice every semester as they prepare for employment after graduation.

Students can access services by visiting the Department of Internships, Career Development & Alumni Affairs located in Building D.

Mohamed Badran
Assistant Officer – Internships, Career Development & Alumni Affairs

Location: Building D Room D29
Phone: +971 7 2210 900 ext. 1214
Cell: +971 50 747 3714
FAX: +971 7 2210 300

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