Office of Student Affairs

The Mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to

“ Foster transformative learning through curricular and co-curricular student affairs that facilitates student persistence to graduation.”

Office of Student Affairs provides students excellent and readily accessible learning resources and student support services and programs. The breadth of services assures that students at all levels are provided support appropriate to their learning style and competencies and encourage personal and intellectual growth. The Associate Provost of Student Affairs oversees all aspects of the services and programs in this area as well as manages the Student Honor Code, the Honor Code Council, Grade appeals, enforcement of the academic integrity policy, and manages International partnerships and programs.

Student Affairs opportunities  provided by AURAK to all students range from, Learning Support Services, Academic Advising,  Health Clinic services, , Student Life activities, Sports and Recreation, and the Student Government Association.

AURAK offers learning support services through the Center for Learning Support Services and advising to support student academic performance and success. This Center seeks to help students achieve their academic goals by providing both faculty support as well as peer advising at all levels of study. The Center includes the

  • Science and Math Center,
  • Writing Center
  • Peer Tutoring Center

In each of the specialty services, support is provided to students, both one-on-one or in small group format, in virtual and face-to-face format

Student Life offers exciting programs and activities for students at AURAK as well as activities and programs for residents of AURAK Student Residential Halls. Students are also encouraged to get involved in athletics, activities, student clubs, as well as to participate in trips off campus and volunteer work in the community.

  • Student Athletics and Sports
  • Student Clubs
  • Student Government Association
  • Code of Student Conduct
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