Academic Recovery Programs and Counseling

Academic Recovery Programs and Counseling

The Office of Academic Recovery Programs a unit of the Office of Student Affairs, assists students in their endeavors to achieve both academic and personal success. Students may request the Department’s free services from the point of entry into the University through graduation.


The Mission of the Department of Academic Recovery Programs and Counseling (DARPC) is to provide support services to the community of the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) by ensuring equal access to educational facilities, programs, services, and activities, and by providing additional assistance through counseling, and collaborations with additional AURAK resources.


In support of the Mission of AURAK, the Academic Recovery Programs exist to enhance the development and success of all members of the AURAK community with regard to academics, personal and interpersonal growth. Adhering to the values of excellence, community, respect, personal development, responsible citizenship, and integrity, the Department recognizes the uniqueness, dignity, value and gifts of all individuals.

Our Functions

  • The Office of Academic Recovery Programs provides counseling services which includes both academic and individual sessions.
  • Additionally, students struggling with learning may avail themselves of individual testing to discover their learning styles and strengths and speak with a Disability Services Coordinator.  Students with both permanent and/or temporary disabilities can receive support services.

To set up an appointment or for further information contact the Office of Student Affairs in Building D, First Floor by calling (0) 7-246-8869 or email at

A more complete explanation of services can be found by accessing the following links.


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