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The Writing Center

Dear AURAK Students,

The AURAK Writing Center AWC is maintaining its online services and is now available on Black Board Collaborate Ultra, for your Writing Instruction needs.

We have clear timelines for submission, the ability to work via Black Board Collaborate, and more.

The Writing Center staff are still here, to work with you in the new online format. See the schedule below and our submission instructions for everything you need to get started.

Assignment-Draft Submission Instructions: (Please follow these instructions)

  1. Students have to book an appointment by email and send us a copy of their work as an attachment to the same email, provided they copy (cc) their professor or instructor.  (E-mail:
  2. Students have to upload their work on the BB content page under  AWC Assignments. Make sure to use a PC or laptop to upload your assignment, not a smartphone. The uploaded file should be a Word file and should not exceed 10 MB.
  3. We will respond to the student and their professor and confirm the reception of the attachment. The student request will appear on our electronic booking record.
  4. The AWC will upload the word file with highlights and notes as comments after 48  hours. Only one attempt for revision is allowed.
  5. Our comments and editing suggestions would only involve mechanics, diction,  APA style, and citation errors.
  6. If further assistance is needed the student can book an online face-to-face appointment on Blackboard Collaborate

Ultra AWC_Spring2022  AURAK Writing Center Collaborate Meetings for further follow-up.

Meetings would follow the below schedule.

Please observe weekends and public holidays in the process of submitting assignments. The AWC follows the below schedule to provide its services. If, for example, you submit your assignment on Thursday, the AWC will provide revision by Monday.

AWC Schedule in Bldg D. (first floor) and on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:   M, T & W  2.00-3.00     

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday

2:00-3:00 Bldg D

Writing Center Writing Center Writing Center

The Writing Center offers resources in the following areas to help students achieve their goals:

  • Constructive feedback on written assignments: The Research Process Tutoring for the IELTS or TOEFL and ESL needs (English as a Second Language).
    • Content and clarity
    • Grammar and mechanics
    • Organization
    • Citing and using sources properly (using MLA, APA, Sheffield, etc.)

Best regards,
The AURAK Writing Center

Last updated: Feb 3, 2022 @ 9:18 am

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