AURAK Forms for Study Abroad & Exchange

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AURAK Forms for Study Abroad & Exchange


The Department of International Programs and Partnerships (DIPP) requests that students and faculty submit the proper DIPP form for the appropriate study abroad/exchange program.  Explanations of required documents are provided below.

Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Melissa Ann Winter at

Relevant Student Forms:

  1. AURAK Study Abroad/Exchange Application – This application is necessary for AURAK students wishing to study abroad or engage in an exchange program with an international partner university
  2. Course Selection Form – This form is presented to your academic advisor with course(s) selected for your study abroad or exchange program.  This form requires students to input the course number, title, and description of the course the students intends to take while abroad.  The academic advisor must review the intended courses and determine whether it meets AURAK academic requirements and if the intended courses will transfer back to AURAK for course credit.  The chair of your major field of study must also sign the Course Selection Form.  Without this completed form, there is no guarantee that the courses you intend to take for credit will be transferrable back into your AURAK degree program.
  3. Transcript Request Form – The Registrar’s Office requires this form to be completed before they can issue a transcript.  This is required for students applying for study abroad or exchange.

Other materials for AURAK students:

  1. International Student Health Insurance Options – Please note that all students must provide proof of international health insurance and medical evacuation in order to study abroad.  Often the host university will provide an option for students to choose.  However, we have provided other options that may better suit student budgets and timeframe.

Relevant Faculty Forms:

  1. Faculty Proposal for MOU – Should an AURAK faculty member wish to propose a new university partnership, they are required to complete this form.  It is essential in establishing a viable link to AURAK’s overall strategic plan.  It requests the benefits of the partnership, the faculty driver of this proposed partnership, as well as other relevant information pertaining to international university partnerships.


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