Department of Student Life

The Department of Student Life provides our student family with the total AURAK experience. This means that the Department supports learning, involvement, leadership, community engagement and creative expression far beyond the classroom environment. We are not just about students. We are colleagues, mentors and partners with the AURAK student community! We are committed to developing student leaders capable of assuming their position in tomorrow’s world.

Our Mission:

The Department of Student Life supports the University mission by providing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to foster and inspire the development of student leaders. The Department strives to maintain an open and accessible environment committed to the provision of service-oriented programs in collaboration with the AURAK student body, on-campus departments and community organizations.

Our Functions and Services:

Student Activities

At AURAK, we believe that extra-curricular learning experiences play a significant role in students’ professional and personal development by enhancing their social, leadership and organizational skills. We encourage students to become actively involved in university life by participating in extracurricular activities, student trips and student clubs and organizations. In cooperation with the Student Government Association (SGA), the Department of Student Life oversees a wide range of activities for students throughout the year, aiming to introduce students to the immense cultural diversity of the UAE.  Some of the organized activities and events include Global Day, UAE National Day, international travel, visiting exhibitions, museum trips, movie nights and barbecues.

Sports Activities

AURAK sports activities aim to develop and maintain physical fitness among all members of the University community. Students participating in these sports activities have the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills. The University sports facilities include a multipurpose hall, a well-equipped gymnasium, a range of workout machines, a walking track and outdoor sports fields.  Games, tournaments and friendly matches with other universities are regularly organized.

Community Engagement

Students at AURAK are provided the opportunity to serve the community by participating in various events on-campus and off-campus. Students are encouraged to become active and positive contributors to society while experiencing the joy of helping others.

Student Center

The Student Center, located in Building G, is the heart of the student community. It is a place to meet fellow students and socialize.  Students can play table tennis, pool, and other indoor games.

Our People:

Mrs. Melissa Ann Winter
Manager, Department of Student Life, Adjunct Instructor of Education
Building D - 1st Flr.
Ext: 8861
Ms. Evelyn Victoria
Office Coordinator
Building D - 1st Flr.
Ext: 8864
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