Dear New Students:

Welcome to AURAK! For students who are new to AURAK you have been busy getting adjusted to university life!

Thursday, August 25th 2022, the Office of Student Affairs at AURAK hosted the New Student Orientation program. It was attended by many students who had the opportunity to learn about the university and the services offered. Below is a link to the web page where we have archived the presentations and information available on that day. Please reach out to the Office of Student Affairs and Department of Student Life for additional questions regarding the university.

  1. Welcome to AURAK! Video highlights of campus!
  2. Important information regarding IT Services
  3. Helpful Information from the Registrar’s Office
  4. Finance 101—helpful information to help students manage their finances while at AURAK
  5. Student Affairs Information (covering topics of attendance, National Service)
  6. Counseling Services: We are here to support you!
  7. Career Success
  8. Helpful Information for Students of Determination
  9. Top Tips from Orientation Leaders (Resources on campus to help you be successful, Student & Sports Activities, watch for latest news!)
  10. Student Life/Student Government Info
  11. Blackboard
  12. COVID-19 Updates - American University of Ras Al Khaimah UAE (