About CEPE

About CEPE

Since its establishment, the Center for Executive & Professional Education (CEPE) has been leading the way in driving positive and ongoing change within the professional and educational realm. CEPE was created to equip individuals with the necessary skills to become accomplished leaders and professionals in their respective industries. We take great pride in affirming that our unwavering dedication, global outlook, and innovative initiatives within the region have resulted in exceptional training programs of superior quality. Our efforts have been instrumental in meeting the requirements of corporations and government organizations.


The primary objective of the CEPE is to enrich its students' professional and technical aptitude to satisfy their long-term career and educational aspirations while simultaneously meeting the job market's requirements. The CEPE has been diligently striving to offer a diverse array of standardized and personalized training programs supported by globally recognized credentials and certifications, thus guaranteeing the development of skilled human capital.

Quality Policy

The CEPE is dedicated to serving the community by providing high-quality training services, testing delivery services, consultancy, and community outreach events. Furthermore, the CEPE strives to strengthen the relationship between AURAK and the communities it serves. These activities contribute to the advancement of AURAK's mission by enhancing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of residents in the Gulf region and beyond.

To ensure that the CEPE consistently delivers top-quality service, all team members are equipped with the necessary management knowledge, skills, and attitude to provide exceptional service to all clients, regardless of their specific needs. In addition, CEPE team members are committed to AURAK's mission and actively engage in detailed planning, assessment, and utilization of results to constantly improve their services.

To support this process, the CEPE utilizes an automated institutionalized operational planning system that archives documents and generates reports in accordance with the quality management system requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001. All CEPE team members play an active role in continually enhancing the effectiveness of CEPE's quality management system and achieving its quality objectives.

Last Updated: 30 Apr 2024
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