The ICONET Incubator is a platform where individuals and companies can harness the exceptional environment and resources we provide to fuel their entrepreneurial ventures in ICT. Our incubator is designed to foster a unique atmosphere that cultivates entrepreneurship and innovation.

ICONET Incubator

The ICONET Incubator aims to unlock the limitless potential of your entrepreneurial journey in the ever-evolving field of ICT. Our nurturing ecosystem will empower you to propel your ideas forward, positioning you for exceptional success.

At ICONET, we offer a range of services to support and empower our incubator members:

  • 24/7 Office Space: Our dedicated office spaces are explicitly tailored for entrepreneurs, providing an ideal environment for work, collaboration, and growth.
  • Internet and Printing Services: We ensure that our members have reliable and high-speed internet connectivity and convenient access to printing facilities, making it easier to stay connected and produce essential documents.
  • Mentorship: We believe in the power of guidance and mentorship. Our incubator provides access to experienced mentors who can provide valuable insights, advice, and support to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of building their ventures.
  • Use of University Resources: Through mutual agreements, our incubator members can tap into the extensive resources available within the university. This includes access to state-of-the-art labs, the library, and other relevant facilities that can contribute to their business development.
  • Access to University Students and Faculty: Collaboration and networking are key components of our incubator. Members can engage with talented students and experienced faculty members, fostering partnerships and leveraging their expertise to drive innovation and growth.


Become a valued member of our vibrant community at ICONET Incubator and take advantage of our benefits.

Community Member Package:

For a monthly fee of just 1,000 AED, you can access various valuable resources and services designed to support your entrepreneurial journey. As a community member, you become an integral part of our thriving ecosystem, connecting with like-minded individuals and fostering collaborative opportunities.

Benefits include:

  • 24/7 Office Space
  • Internet and Printing Services
  • Mentorship
  • Use of University Resources
  • Access to University Students and Faculty

Join our community as a member and become part of an ecosystem that fosters your entrepreneurial spirit, stimulates growth, and positions you for remarkable success.

Last Updated: 23 Nov 2023
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